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Ten year review and Prospect of China's dairy industry (II)

remarkable achievements have been made in product structure adjustment

milk powder is the leading variety of dairy products in China, accounting for 80% of the output of dry dairy products, and it is mainly full fat sweetened milk powder. In the past ten years, the product structure of milk powder, mainly sugar milk powder, which will emerge in the future market, has been completely changed. In 2004, the output of milk powder of Enterprises above Designated Size in China was about 900000 tons, including 20.7% of whole milk powder; Sweetened milk powder 13.6%; Skimmed milk powder 3.0%; Infant milk powder 37.7%; Other milk powder 25.2% (middle-aged and elderly milk powder, maternal milk powder, hypoglycemic milk powder, various fortified milk powder, etc.). It can be seen that great changes have taken place in the structure of milk powder products in China, and the phenomenon of full fat sweetened milk powder taking the lead has been changed. The formula milk powder suitable for the nutritional needs of different people has exceeded the total output. The precision of extruder can increase the gold content of products by 60%. Ten years ago, liquid milk was mainly produced in large and medium-sized cities, mainly pasteurized milk (sterilized milk). Since the 1980s, the production technology of ultra-high temperature sterilized milk has been introduced. Since 1997, sterilized milk has developed rapidly. In 1995, the ratio of dry dairy products to liquid milk was 1:1; By 2004, the ratio was close to 1:5.6. The structure of liquid milk has also undergone great changes since 1995. In 1999, the proportion of ultra-high temperature sterilized milk and pasteurized milk in liquid milk was 21.1% and 59.9% respectively. By 2004, it had become 66.7% and 18.1%. Sterilized milk has played an important role in the production of dairy products. The rapid development of ultra-high temperature sterilized milk has accelerated the pace of structural adjustment of dairy products, contributed to the development of China's dairy industry, expanded the consumption area of liquid milk, and enabled more urban and rural areas without cold chain conditions to drink low-cost liquid milk

great changes have taken place in dairy consumption areas, which have gradually shifted from large and medium-sized cities to small towns and rich rural areas

ten years ago, the consumption of dairy products was mainly concentrated in large and medium-sized cities, which were regarded as "nutritious food" and "high-grade food with plastic packaging materials accounting for more than 30% of the total amount of all kinds of packaging materials", which were consumed by a few people, such as the elderly, the weak and the sick. In recent years, due to the great development of production and the popularization of nutrition knowledge, dairy products have entered the table of ordinary families and become the food for mass consumption. In 2003, the per capita expenditure of domestic dairy products of urban residents in China reached 124 yuan, the per capita consumption of milk was about 30 kg, and the per capita consumption of milk of some large urban residents reached 50 kg. Great changes have taken place in the consumption area of dairy products, which has gradually shifted from large and medium-sized cities to small towns and rich rural areas. This is a very gratifying change, which not only shows that the living standard of our people has been greatly improved, but also the dietary composition of the people is changing. The growth of rural dairy consumption will bring broader prospects for the development of China's dairy industry

looking forward to the future, in the next five years, the dairy industry should focus on the following aspects:

implement the scientific concept of development and achieve three changes

in recent years, the unconventional development of China's dairy industry has led to fundamental changes in the supply-demand relationship of the dairy market. In some large cities, the dairy market is in a relatively saturated state, and the growth rate has slowed down, The fierce market competition shows the reality that we have to admit. The markets in small towns and vast rural areas have just started. Although they have broad prospects, their development will take time. The market will become the main factor restricting the development of dairy industry. The imbalance between the East and the west, the difference between urban and rural consumption, the product structure. 5. The monotonous measurement and control system of the experimental machine (that is, software and hardware) and the high homogeneity of products will also become factors restricting the development of China's dairy industry. In my opinion, the extraordinary development speed of China's dairy industry in recent years will gradually tend to be flat

the dairy industry should implement the scientificoutlookondevelopment proposed by the Party Central Committee and realize three changes: from speed oriented to benefit oriented, from raw material oriented to market-oriented, and from single product structure to multi variety and differentiation

change from speed type to benefit type

in recent years, many enterprises have attached importance to the development speed, but not to economic benefits, market share and sales profit margin. As a result, the output increases, the sales revenue increases, and the profitability of the enterprise decreases. According to the data of the National Bureau of statistics, the profit margin of sales revenue of the dairy industry was 6.3% in 2001, 6.8% in 2002, 6.1% in 2003 and 5.4% in 2004. According to the ownership system, the profit rate of sales revenue in 2004 was 8.85% for foreign-invested enterprises, 3.38% for collective enterprises and 1.98% for private enterprises; According to the scale of enterprises, the proportion of large and medium-sized enterprises is 5.47%, and that of small enterprises is 5.28%. It can be seen that the economies of scale of enterprises have not been brought into play, and there is no obvious gap between the profitability of large enterprises and that of small enterprises. In 2004, the top ten enterprises in terms of sales revenue had a profit margin of only 4.9%, lower than the industry average. The decline of the enterprise's profit level will inevitably affect the development stamina of the enterprise, and then affect the development of the whole industry. The decline of the enterprise's profit level also shows the contradiction between production and market, and between output and sales. Due to the different burdens of new and old enterprises, the different preferential policies enjoyed by different regions, and the different prices of raw materials in different regions, the product costs vary greatly. The sales price of products should take into account the affordability of the industry and the overall interests of the industry. Entrepreneurs in the dairy industry, especially large backbone enterprises, should set an example and calmly deal with various promotional activities. Famous brand products should bring into play the benefits of famous brands. In recent years, with the support of government departments, the recommendation of social groups, and the advertising of enterprises, the dairy industry has formed some well-known brands in the country. In this year's national famous brand product selection, 11 brands of milk powder and 15 brands of liquid milk won the title of national famous brand product. Famous brand is the symbol of corporate image, which represents high quality, high specification and high taste. In a sense, it also symbolizes the high price of products. As we know, there are great differences in the prices of some international famous brands and the same products. However, our famous dairy products have not formed the effect of famous brands in the market. Some even confuse themselves with nameless brands. Famous dairy products sell "stall prices" and do not establish a high-quality, high-specification and high-grade product image for consumers. This is also the reason why some famous brand products formed over the years will collapse and be abandoned by consumers once an accident occurs. The dairy industry must change from speed type to benefit type as soon as possible. Enterprises without speed will not develop, and the speed without benefit will not last. High speed and low efficiency will indicate the business risks of enterprises. The premise of steady development is the unity of speed and benefit. In the future, the industry's assessment of enterprise performance will mainly assess the benefit indicators and its contribution to the industry

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