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The leading enterprises of intelligent robots in China

the world robot industry is changing from "hard" competition to "soft" competition due to the close connection between China's extruder products and strategic new industries. Robots are rapidly integrated with cutting-edge information technology and industry, showing a trend of intelligence, networking and customization, and are changing from "hard" mechanical and electronic products to "soft" information network terminals

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the world industry is changing from "hard" competition to "soft" competition. The robot uses a square level with accuracy of 0.05/1000 to carry out alignment, which is rapidly combined with cutting-edge information technology and industry, showing the trend of intelligence, networking and customization. It is changing from "hard" mechanical and electronic products to "soft" information network terminals. The combination of software system and other technologies has become the key to the "intelligence" of robots in the future

at the same time, industrial competition has shifted from the competition of applications in known fields to the competition of applications in unknown fields. Cutting edge technologies, especially disruptive technologies, have accelerated their development and application. Disruptive technologies will trigger explosive growth in applications in unknown fields, and a large number of potential new industries and new formats will be derived. The market is not only a "competition in designated fields", but also a "dislocation competition" with different dimensions in the broader technology and industrial fields

China has become the largest robot application market in the world, and is moving forward from a big robot application country to an innovative country. Especially in recent years, China has focused on promoting intelligent manufacturing engineering, including the "13th five year plan" for the development of the robot industry, and the boom of the industry is in a state of continuous growth. Do you know the key leading enterprises in China's robot industry

1. Manufacturers with the layout of the whole industrial chain: the layout of the whole industrial chain of Easton and tostar is conducive to the formation of integrated production, the reduction of price difference loss in sales and the formation of brand effect. This is mainly aimed at the manufacturers who have broken through the upstream core technology and distributed to the whole industrial chain

2. Breakthroughs in the core technology field: Huichuan technology, Shanghai Electromechanical

upstream equipment reducer, servo motor, controller and other key equipment account for 70% of the profits of the whole production. However, due to fierce competition, ontology enterprises have little profit space. The reason why the price of domestic robots in China is significantly higher than that in foreign countries also lies in the premium of core components. Therefore, manufacturers that break through core technologies are actively deployed

3. Domestic lithium battery automation production lines replace relevant manufacturers: leading intelligence, Yinghe technology, Zhiyun Co., Ltd.

lithium batteries, especially power batteries, will have a high prosperity and high growth certainty in the future, and the domestic lithium battery leaders will have a strong desire to expand. The construction of intelligent automatic production line for lithium batteries can effectively shorten the construction cycle of new production capacity and improve production efficiency. How to make cutting-edge 3D technology successfully control thermosetting materials, reduce costs and improve processes

4. layout manufacturers in the field of machine vision: there are two reasons for the layout of Jintuo Co., Ltd.

in the field of machine vision. First, with the growing importance of industrial interconnection, machine vision, as an important way of perception, will usher in a huge market space; Second, at present, the field of machine vision is still, and the technology gap between domestic and foreign enterprises is relatively small


the robot industry is expected to benefit from the development of artificial intelligence technology to achieve product upgrading. From the perspective of long-term investment, the investment logic of the robot sector is relatively clear. The main driving factors include the following aspects: the expiration of the demographic dividend and the rise of labor costs promote the replacement of machines; The penetration rate of industrial robots in China is low, and there is great room for growth in the future; Service robots in China have the opportunity to overtake in curves; Various supporting policies have been implemented to support the development of the robot industry

China is the industrial robot country with the most development potential, but the competition is becoming more and more fierce. Industrial robots should not have obvious dislocation in developed countries. They have been developed and applied rapidly. Japan and Germany have a leading edge in the field of industrial robots by virtue of their first mover advantage and technology accumulation. The four families occupy about 50% of the market share of industrial robots. The demand growth rate of industrial robots in China has been at a high level for the past five years. In 2014, it became the world's largest consumer market for industrial robots. We believe that China's rising labor costs, shortening the cost recovery period of industrial robots and the gap in the density of industrial robots will maintain the prosperity of China's industrial robots. China will also be the country with the most development potential for industrial robots. It is expected that China's robot production capacity will double in the next few years, but the competition will further intensify

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