New electron beam hardening ink launched in the ho

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Japanese Toyo ink manufacturing company recently introduced a new type of electron beam (EB) hardening ink without photosensitive polymer initiator, which is the world's first

the pigment concentration of this ink is 2.5 times higher than that of general ink, and there are many colors when the experimental conditions cannot meet the requirements. Because the ink does not contain photoinitiator and solvent, it can be instantly fixed on the printing substrate and can be quickly received and rewound. Using this ink can achieve high-efficiency printing, which is the first in the world. In addition, the experimental machine printed with this ink automatically calculates and displays coherent data. The product has high color density and strong hiding power, and is attached to various plastic films such as pet, PP, PE, PS, etc. Therefore, this system has high precision and high visibility

information source: Shanghai packaging

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