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The new energy power structure of the "five power" Nuggets is expected to be adjusted

recently, China Power Investment Corporation, Datang and other five power enterprises have accelerated their pace of involvement in the field of new energy. The power enterprises that strive to take the lead in resources and policies obviously smell the preferential policies of the country that may launch the new energy industry on a large scale

Li Keqiang, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and vice premier of the State Council, stressed at the Symposium on financial support for the development of new energy, energy conservation and environmental protection and other emerging industries on May 21 that we should lose no time in developing strategic emerging industries. Liu Qi, deputy director of the national energy administration, also revealed at the press conference held by the state information office on June 2 that when conditions are ripe, the new energy development plan will be issued in due course

in fact, before the release of specific policy signals, major power companies had already set the development goals for 2009. In addition to wind power regulation, the solar power projects of the five major powers are also accelerating

"enterprises' increasing investment in new energy, whether based on national policies or their own commercial interests, is very beneficial to the development of China's new energy." Baoyunqiao, vice president and Secretary General of the China Energy Research Association, repeatedly stressed to the China National classic that new energy will be the direction of China's future energy development

in addition, China national economy learned from the "2009 China wind energy industry dialogue Capital Forum" that in the United States and the European Union, the new renewable energy power in 2008 has exceeded the independent research and development capacity of the new special control software for traditional energy power. Traditional energy power includes coal power, oil power, gas power and nuclear power. Last year, the new power and renewable energy of the United States and the European Union, two important developed regions in the world, are also more than a high-precision and high-performance environmental experimental equipment, which has surpassed traditional power. This was regarded by Zhou Fengqi, a senior consultant of the Energy Institute of the national development and Reform Commission as an "event of extraordinary significance"

there is indeed a huge controversy in new energy power generation in China. Although many industry insiders recognize the importance of renewable energy, they often propose to postpone its development because its proportion in the power structure is only about 3%. So what does the above data mean

"that is to say, the newly increased renewable energy power exceeds 50% of the newly increased power. If large hydropower is included, the global renewable energy power has reached 1.14 billion kilowatt hours. This figure shows that renewable energy has played a key and subtle change in the power structure of the whole world." Zhou Fengqi believes that according to the world development situation, we can see the transformation process of renewable energy power from weak to strong, from small to large. And this process is very fast

on the same occasion, Lin Ting, partner of Zhiji venture capital, said that at present, let's talk about the specific utilization of universal tensile testing machine (auto parts testing machine) in the process of automobile manufacturing: most of the wind farms are the five major power companies and national large companies. These companies invest in wind farms "horse racing enclosure". Even if they lose a little money, there are other thermal power and Hydropower to make up for it. Then, this means that the five major electric power may become the main force in the new energy power battlefield

Luo Yunjun, vice president of Beijing new and Renewable Energy Association, also told China national economy that the rapid development of China's economy requires us to increase the development and utilization of new energy

the scale has been built, but electric access has become the biggest bottleneck of development. But this problem is not insoluble. Dai Huizhu, a professor of the Chinese Academy of electrical Sciences, said that at present, wind power is not only a bottleneck in China, but also in all wind power developed countries in the world, no exception. Many wind power projects are waiting for power evaluation and permission. The solution lies in "at present, China needs to study power planning methods and coordinate the construction of electricity and wind power". Baoyunqiao, the fifth vice president and Secretary General of the China Energy Research Association, also told this newspaper that similar bottlenecks are expected to be solved through relevant national plans and supporting measures

major groups are 1. Give full play to the creativity of parents and children and speed up the adjustment of power supply structure. China Power Investment Corporation (CPI) has announced that it will achieve the goals of 50% thermal power, 25% to 30% hydropower, 10% to 15% nuclear power and 10% renewable energy by 2020. Huadian aims to achieve a structural ratio of thermal power, hydropower and new energy of 7.5:2:0.5 by 2013, and finally strive to gradually reach 6:3:1. Other major power companies have corresponding plans

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