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New developments in the field of industrialized digital printing (3)

3 In the field of packaging, Belgium de coker company

is mainly engaged in publishing and distribution business, with a monthly A4 digital printing volume of more than 8million prints

equipment: with Xeikon 5000+ Stora Enso DBS packaging production line

main products: CD and DVD packaging boxes

molded aluminum swing frame, easy to install all replacement fixtures. Product features: rich colors, realistic image quality, exquisite box design, personalized content, fine edge processing

highlights: Xeikon can quickly and stably complete high-quality printing operations on 350g/m2 cardboard; Powerful processing performance integrates glazing, film coating, indentation, die cutting, folding molding and other processes

value: it can realize on-demand production, stable quality, highly automated online production, little operation preparation time, speed up delivery, reduce warehouse storage, improve the efficiency of publishing and distribution, and provide higher product added value

in addition, Xeikon industrial digital printing equipment can also be used for the production of packaging products in consumer goods, food, drugs and other fields

the cycle of product production and supplier launching products is getting shorter and shorter, and the speed of changing product packaging is becoming more and more frequent. Printing enterprises must respond to this as quickly as possible in the shortest time. Industrial digital printing can obviously better meet the needs of such customers, speed up the market promotion of new ideas and products, and reduce marketing costs

4. Transaction bill/variable data field

typical product: statement

fields involved: banking, postal service, telecommunications, finance, insurance

product features: a large amount of variable information; The printing volume is huge and centralized; Double sided printing; Delivery time is urgent

highlights: Xeikon one-time double-sided technology, positive and negative overprint accuracy of 100%, production performance of up to 3million copies per month and x-800 control system with strong data processing capacity can easily cope with such businesses

value: save resources, improve efficiency, enhance the readability of products, improve customer loyalty, and create new profit points

the fierce business competition will slow down the rotation of the force measuring pointer, which promotes the promotion of the personalized service mode of preparing planetary gear train shells with different diameters and gears with different tooth numbers for experimental belts with different belt lengths, and also promotes the application of color digital printing in the field of transaction bills. Industrial digital printing can not only meet the speed and print volume, but also provide color and variable data services, providing new solutions for enterprises to win customers and businesses faster

5. Special fields

decoration field and anti-counterfeiting field

typical products: light box advertising, promotional banners, ID cards, tickets

product features: special materials, bright colors, and variable sizes; A large amount of anti-counterfeiting information and a large amount of variable personal information

highlights: Xeikon equipment can print materials with a width of 500mm and unlimited length. In addition to coated and uncoated paper, it can also print high-quality on self-adhesive paper, polyester film, PP, pet, BOPP and non-woven fabrics; Positive and negative overprint 100%; Led dry toner imaging has not only standard toner, but also spot color and anti-counterfeiting toner. It has finer quality, lower cost, simpler use and environmental protection

value: the fine and gorgeous printing effect enhances the visibility of the product and expands the customer base; The unique anti-counterfeiting function increases the security of prints and ensures the commercial interests of customers; Extensive business adaptability brings more business opportunities

fierce competition leads to declining profits. Looking for new profit growth points is an important way for enterprises to maintain competitiveness. Providing value-added services with industrialized digital printing equipment provides an opportunity for enterprises to win over high-end major customers

xeikon -- a typical representative of industrialized digital printing equipment

xeikon is famous in the field of contemporary digital printing for its reel structure. It not only has the quality and speed comparable to printing, but also has the flexibility and variability of digital printing, creating the concept of "printing machine" in the digital field

1. The width can be up to 500mm, and the length is unlimited in the form of web feeding

2. With the printing speed of 7800 A4 pages per hour, the monthly production can reach 3million prints

3. New powerful x-800 digital front end process system (DFE)

4. One pass, double-sided five color technology; The accuracy of positive and negative dot overprint is 100%

5. A wide range of printing materials: the printing range is 40 ~ 350g/m2, which can be used not only uncoated and coated paper, but also non-woven fabric, polyurethane, PP, pet, PVC and other materials

6. Led dry toner imaging makes more delicate quality, lower cost and the concept of environmental protection harmonious and unified

7. Supply ink on demand. Toner can be added at any time without affecting the printing speed

8. Easy to operate

prospects of industrialized digital printing

economic development has promoted the refinement of the industrial chain, and the development of new markets has created a large number of business opportunities and new economic growth points. Industrial digital printing equipment is mainly aimed at high-end customer groups, high-end quality requirements, high number of variable customer groups, high creative employees, high differentiated market positioning, and high featured production fields. Based on high-end and differentiated high featured market positioning, it opens up new ways for printing enterprises to seize opportunities and improve profits, and creates broad prospects for the development of industrial digital printing

source of information: digital printing in the proceedings of China Technology Summit Forum

Chen Guoqiang, sales manager of Saikang (Shanghai)

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