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New trends in paint development

choosing a good paint is equivalent to putting a good coat on your home. Today, this "outer

set" should not only be colorful and beautiful, but also practical and durable. Recently, during the activity of "modern coatings and color lecture

and the opening of Jotun computer color matching center", I learned a lot of the latest information about the coating market, and also found that the current

coatings have pushed the characteristics of personalization, environmental protection and multifunction to the extreme

automatic color matching - change the space with color

"I want my bedroom to be clean and not dull", "I want the living room to be colorful and not dazzling

messy", "I want..." modern people are independent and drift with the tide, and no one wants to do it. In their eyes, decoration is not only a way to express their own style, but also a sign of turning down the oil delivery valve in their own space. This "personalized" consumption mode makes people not only satisfied with the purchase of products, but also willing to participate in and fully enjoy the process of creating

. Therefore, the technology of using computers to automatically color paint is becoming more and more popular

customers can choose their favorite colors from the huge natural chromatography according to their personal needs. The computer will complete automatic color matching, adding color paste, stirring, canning and other operations within a few minutes, so that customers can turn their personal preferences and dreams of color into reality in an instant, and immediately get a satisfactory coating

computer technology simplifies and facilitates the color matching process, but how to choose in the face of colorful colors? In Jotun computer

color center, this trouble can be completely put away. Professional colorists use computers to select the main color according to the characteristics of your residence, and then determine the color matching. The color of the house can be changed infinitely with the click of the mouse. Even better

is that the colorist can also use color to correct the defects of space

for example, in a small and short space, the wall surface should be mainly light colors with a sense of expansion. The ceiling should be white or lighter than the wall surface, and even the wall surface should be pressed with strips of the same color as the ceiling to make the space feel higher; Large and high space is easy to produce visual laxity and boring feeling due to the certain relationship between hardness and other mechanical properties. Therefore, darker colors can be used, and different but not too dazzling colors can be used on the wall surface of a space that needs attention. At the same time, if you want to reduce the height of the ceiling, you can paint the ceiling with the same color as the main color of the wall, so as to eliminate the sense of visual dissociation; As for the irregular space, it will make people feel depressed

and messy. The colorist will connect the wall with irregular parts with the ceiling, and use the same color that is different from the main color of other

walls to achieve the effect of correction. In this way, customers can complete the feat of the second decoration of the room by simply matching the colors, which brings unexpected surprises to themselves

environmentally friendly materials - the mainstream development direction of coatings

pollution-free furniture paint

environmentally friendly coatings are no longer a new term. Water based coatings represented by latex paint are the most popular environmentally friendly coatings at present. However, latex paint is mainly used for wall decoration, but it is not widely used for wooden furniture which has become popular in recent years, which makes non environmental friendly solvent based wood paint the main culprit of indoor air pollution. In view of this, a kind of water-based wood paint used in wooden furniture came into being. It takes water as the medium, non-toxic, tasteless, no environmental pollution, harmless to human body, and the paint film is smooth and bright, so that the householder can avoid the torture of the pungent smell of traditional wood paint and the potential threat of toxic substances, which is fully in line with the development trend of environmental protection of paint

ultra environmentally friendly coatings with zero VOC

all the time, the content of "VOC" (volatile organic compounds) in all coatings has a control standard

. According to the latest "certification requirements for environmental labeling products of water-based interior wall coatings" issued by the State Environmental Protection Administration, the content of "v

oc" shall not be higher than 100 grams/liter. Therefore, Even the "VOC" content of environmental friendly coatings is only

within the standard. But now, ultra environmentally friendly coatings with zero VOC content have been newly launched. This kind of "wesames interior wall coating" named

is from the United States. The test conducted by China National Chemical Building Materials Testing Center shows that

is the environmental protection product with the highest standard in the world at present

as the heart of the host, renewable coating is recycled.

in addition, Japan has recently developed a new coating material with high rust that can be recycled on the spraying production line. The regeneration of this kind of paint is to recycle the uncoated flying paint in the spraying exhaust machine, and then separate the water and paint with a filter for reuse. From this point of view, environmental protection is indeed the mainstream direction of paint development in the future

multi functional coatings - loyal home guards

modern coatings have a wide variety of varieties, and their functions are becoming more and more comprehensive, from waterproof, fireproof, moisture-proof, anti condensation, anti

mold to insect proof, anti-corrosion, anti carbonization, and so on. Coatings seem to become home guards

as we all know, a major feature of latex paint with waterproof formula is that it can be washed and rubbed. However, the general latex paint will start to lose powder after being washed and rubbed for many times. Now, big manufacturers such as "ICI" and Jotun have improved and strengthened the waterproof feature on the original basis, making the rubber film of latex paint harder, and the paint surface easier to clean and more resistant to cleaning. They will never get two pink "rabbit ears" with one touch

now in Guangzhou market, only two brands such as "TV Tower" can produce fire-proof coating, and other businesses only

want to focus on fire-proof cousins - fire resistance and heat insulation, while the market of fire-proof coating has been dominated by big brands for a long time. Now, a new German shield ceramic thermal insulation coating is the new force to enter the thermal insulation coating market in the near future. It is a water-based coating composed of extremely small vacuum ceramic nanfanghuitong reveal microspheres and its corresponding environmental protection lotion. It has strong adhesion to the wall, metal, wood and other substrates. It can be directly coated on the surface of the substrate by about 0.3 mm, which can achieve the purpose of heat insulation and temperature preservation. According to the test results of the use effect of American house laboratory on civil buildings, using this

kind of heat insulation paint, the energy consumption of air conditioning in summer can be saved by at least 64%

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