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In the new year's new direction, pharmaceutical companies accelerate the pace of "machine replacement"

] Bill Gates predicted that robots will repeat the rise of personal computers and become the next technology to change the world. At present, people are no longer unfamiliar with robots. They are important automatic equipment in modern manufacturing industry, which integrates machinery, electronics, control, computers, sensors, artificial intelligence and other technologies. At present, they are used in the operations of automobile manufacturing stress state, such as tension, compression, shear, bending, torsion and their composite manufacturing, machining, welding, assembly, detection and so on

according to the industry, in recent years, more and more fields have tasted the benefits of automation equipment and began to try to promote industrial transformation and upgrading to further realize machine replacement. For example, since the beginning of this year, some pharmaceutical enterprises have accelerated the pace of machine replacement, vigorously implemented the construction project of intelligent chemical plants, optimized the internal management of enterprises, and achieved a good start in the new year

according to the person in charge of the company, in recent years, the company has paid attention to product innovation, and through the introduction of domestic and foreign production equipment and the transformation of intelligent chemical plants with a time of 3 (5) minutes, such as the establishment of IACS integrated control system, the purchase of full-automatic, automatic light detector, packaging/stacking machine, automatic sterilization system, soft bag infusion automatic production line, informatization cephalosporin production line, the production efficiency and product quality of the company have been greatly improved

at present, the products have more than 500 production approvals and product specifications, and two of the seven preparation workshops have completed the intelligent transformation. By the end of the year, all production workshops will be built into digital automation workshops, and the packaging process in the later stage will also be automated. The person in charge said that through technological transformation and equipment updating, the noise of equipment in the workshop has been reduced to less than 75 dB at the same time, and the conditions have passed the certification of the new version of GMP. Most of the production processes have realized closed and automated production

in fact, with the development of digital, automated and intelligent technology, the pharmaceutical equipment industry is also improving and upgrading, breaking through the traditional production mode. The production efficiency of automated pharmaceutical machinery equipment is far greater than that of traditional equipment, bringing more surprises to the production of pharmaceutical enterprises

in recent years, the rapid rise in labor costs has made small and medium-sized enterprises with meager profits unbearable, and is not conducive to quality control and enterprise management. We have been forced to carry out technological transformation in succession. A pharmaceutical equipment enterprise staff said that unexpectedly, after the replacement of machines, both for themselves and customers have benefited a lot

enterprises that transform pharmaceutical equipment are not alone, but the cost of replacing people with machines is not small. It is understood that due to the late start and weak technology of China's pharmaceutical equipment industry, many pharmaceutical equipment and process technologies come from abroad, but foreign equipment is not only expensive, but also not necessarily suitable for the production of domestic enterprises. The reasons for its failure are as follows: carry out secondary modification and commissioning, and domestic equipment is also facing more challenges while rising

with the expansion of market demand and the continuous development of technology, the low-cost and low-cost competitive advantage of domestic pharmaceutical equipment has no longer turned to technical advantage

some insiders believe that from the perspective of capital, talents and other factors, it still needs a certain accumulation period for the domestic pharmaceutical equipment industry to take the route of technological advantage, and machine replacement is the shortcut for small and medium-sized enterprises to upgrade easily and quickly

however, on the whole, in order to overcome the difficulties of replacing people with machines and make locally manufactured pharmaceutical equipment serve local enterprises, we also need to have the support of talents, software and hardware investment, technology and so on

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