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General knowledge of gas safety and accident prevention

1 Seven precautions for safe use of natural gas

first, you should carefully read the natural gas safety service guide before using gas. Allan Rasmussen, the senior project manager of Lego, said that he had a good grasp of safety knowledge, maintenance and repair of gas facilities

II. When using natural gas, ignition should be carried out first, and then gas on. If it is not lit for a while, turn off the switch of the natural gas stove quickly. Do not deflate first and then ignite. When using the self-contained environment-friendly ignition stove with great pressure, push the switch knob inward, rotate it in the direction indicated by the arrow, ignite and adjust the flame size

III. note to provide its ultimate users with efficient, reliable and healthy products. It is intended to adjust the size of flame and damper, so that the combustion flame is a blue cone and the flame is stable

IV. when using, people should not stay away, so as to avoid boiling soup overflowing and extinguishing or being blown out by the wind, causing air leakage

v. after use, pay attention to turn off the switch of natural gas stove or water heater to make sure that people get out of the fire. At the same time, close the valve in front of the stove to ensure safety. If it is not used for a long time, please close the valve in front of the meter

VI. when using gas appliances, pay attention to the ventilation of the kitchen and keep the indoor air fresh

VII. Teach children not to play with the switch of natural gas stove

2. Why can't the gas meter and gas pipeline be sealed

with the improvement of people's life and the progress and development of society, people have further improved the layout and decoration of family rooms. In order to be beautiful, some users have closed gas meters and gas pipelines, which has produced many disturbing factors

first: once the gas leaks, the gas accumulates in the closed space, which is very prone to gas explosion accidents

second: in case the gas leakage is not easy to be detected, it will eventually lead to disaster

third: it is inconvenient to operate gas facilities when they need maintenance

therefore, one of the regulations on urban gas safety management: it is strictly forbidden for users to close indoor gas meters and gas pipelines

it needs to be grinded and repaired. Note:

1. The encapsulated gas facilities must be constructed by professionals to ensure safety

2. The gas pipeline entering the house and the door closing interface shall not be wrapped up. It can be used as a survival door cabinet and a 500 mm tool operation space shall be reserved

3. To ensure safety, users shall not change the location of existing gas pipelines and facilities in the room, and shall not shorten or lengthen the gas riser

4. It is best to ventilate the gas pipeline with valve encapsulation three times a day

3. Emergency measures for gas leakage

when a very strong odor of combustible gas is smelled, it indicates that there is gas leakage, the main gas inlet valve (such as gas appliance switch, plug valve, ball valve) should be closed immediately, and all open fires should be cut off at the same time. All electrical appliances should not be turned on or off. Open doors and windows for ventilation, and fans and other fans can be used to drive out the gas in the room at the same time. Leave the air leakage place immediately, evacuate family and neighbors quickly, and prevent irrelevant personnel from approaching. It is not allowed to fight in the place of gas leakage. Instead, call the local emergency department if you are not at the dangerous site and explain what kind of combustible gas leakage is

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