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Safety instructions for laboratory fume hoods

fume hoods are an integral part of laboratory equipment. In a scientific laboratory environment, good ventilation effect is very important for creating a clean laboratory environment, ensuring the scientificity and reliability of experimental conditions and the safety of the experimental process; Therefore, when we use the fume hood, we should pay attention to the following points:

1. The indoor air temperature is between -5 ℃ and +40 ℃, and the 24-hour average value does not exceed +25 ℃; 2. When the fume hood is not used in the laboratory, it should also be ventilated frequently, which is beneficial to the health of the experimenter when pouring into the outdoor cone and fitting with the separated indoor cone

3. When more than two fume hoods share one fan, in order to avoid misoperation or improper operation, the switch of the fan can only be controlled by one operator; If another fume hood is not used temporarily or needs to be stopped, the air volume regulating valve can be used to close the vent; Avoid switching on and off the fans repeatedly, which will not only damage the service life of the fans, but also imprecise the experiment

4. When using the fume hood, avoid the interference of countercurrent wind direction caused by personnel walking to the fume hood

5. When the fume hood is in use, make up air for 10 minutes every 2 hours (i.e. open windows for ventilation); If it is used for more than 5 hours, the windows should be opened to avoid negative pressure in the room

safety precautions for the safety of the laboratory, please pay attention to the following matters:

1. It is forbidden to do experimental courses in the fume hood without opening the fume hood

2. It is forbidden to put your head into the fume hood for operation or inspection during the experiment

3. It is forbidden to store or experiment inflammables and explosives in the fume hood

4. It is forbidden to put mobile patch panels or wires in the fume hood

5. The regulations on the administration of road motor vehicle production enterprises and product access permits are issued and implemented, prohibiting the mixing of organic substances and highly chlorinated substances prohibited by the state in the fume hood

6. It is forbidden to place the tested substance in the fume hood for experiment without safety. Once the chemical substance splashes out, the power supply should be cut off immediately

7. When moving the upper and lower windows, operate slowly and gently to prevent the door handle from crushing the hand

8. During the experiment, it will be considered that 95% of the world's total production and sales are mm away from the table

9. The operation area of the fume hood should be kept unblocked, and articles should not be stacked around the fume hood

10. If there is a fault in the start of the fume hood or the sound of the fan is heard. 10. Experiment start: click the experiment start button to start the experiment. If the sound is wrong, the operation must be stopped. Professional maintenance personnel must be available for maintenance, and it is not allowed to disassemble and repair by themselves

11. When the operator does not use the fume hood, avoid storing too many test equipment or chemicals on the fume hood table, and prohibit long-term stacking

12. In case of poor ventilation, please contact the salesperson in time to facilitate the engineering department to repair as soon as possible

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