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Safety guarantee measures for shield tunnel opening operation in unfavorable strata

during subway tunnel excavation, the shield cutterhead passes through a long distance with soil, sand, rock, etc., so that the product is worn away under the condition of ensuring drug safety. It is often necessary to stop for inspection and maintenance in places with good geological conditions, and the risk is small at this time; When the mold machinery, 5 gold plastic industry supply chain and value chain are optimally configured, the equipment is forced to open the warehouse for inspection in weak strata or even at the bottom of the river. At this time, there are great risks in opening the warehouse for inspection and maintenance, such as collapse, river backflow, tunnel flooding, etc., which are easy to cause heavy casualties

therefore, before opening the warehouse for inspection under this high-risk condition, it is necessary to formulate practical safety technical guarantee measures, which is an important means for personnel escape and operation success or failure

several safety measures that must be taken before opening the warehouse are as follows:

first, the safety disclosure of emergency preparedness measures should be carried out to the operators before opening the warehouse

1 precautions for operators:

1) those who are physically unfit are not allowed to work in the cabin, and the operators should first be familiar with the vibration route caused by the insufficient number of supports

2) safety first, emergency escape, to avoid casualties as the principle

3) technicians should make clear the causal relationship, and irrelevant personnel (including inspection and visitors) are not allowed to stay in the warehouse for a long time. People oriented, arrange personnel on duty at the corresponding working face to monitor abnormal phenomena such as power consumption, fire protection, personnel mental state, and changes in the working face at any time; If any abnormality is found, immediately inform the nearby operators loudly, and strive for a favorable opportunity to deal with the dangerous situation

4) operators shall not leave their posts without authorization, and shall not doze off at their posts. They shall supervise each other

5) operators should consciously use the labor protection articles of the Institute of Endocrinology (Dusseldorf), especially welders should wear damp proof shoes, goggles, gas masks, etc

6) put a lifeline on the working face. In case of emergency, workers can grasp the lifeline and climb out to get rid of the danger

7) the working face should be ventilated, and the exhaust fan should be placed at the lowest point to discharge the waste gas in time, so as to prevent the volume of harmful gases such as carbon dioxide from accumulating below, causing discomfort to operators, and strictly prevent carbon dioxide poisoning and suffocation

8) the working channel should be kept smooth, and the battery car should be on standby behind the trolley at ordinary times

9) the personnel working in the middle silo (air pressure silo) and the observation hole on the top should be fixed and know the sequence of warehouse closing operation

10) if the suction fan in the warehouse does not work, the operators shall not use the carbon dioxide welding machine

2 precautions to ensure the safety of electricity use:

the voltage in the bunker should be lower than 36V; The submersible pump is provided with earth leakage protection measures; The connection terminal of the lead wire of the electric welding machine and the wire head connected in the middle must be firmly pressed and have reliable and solid insulation protection to prevent short circuit or the lead wire from directly grounding to form a circuit, causing the failure of the welding machine; The secondary side of the electric welding machine should have a reliable no-load protector; All electrical appliances should have matching reliable leakage protection; In case of electric shock, the power supply must be disconnected first before rescuing personnel

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