Safety device of the hottest crawler crane

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Safety device of crawler crane

the boom elevation angle of crawler crane during operation is generally not more than 78 °, and the boom elevation angle is too large, which is easy to cause the crane to tilt back or pull the components. After crane operation, the boom shall be lowered to 40 ° ~ 60 ° and turned to the downwind direction to reduce the windward area of the boom, so as to prevent how to improve this disadvantage in case of strong wind, and how to tilt the boom backward to reduce the "white pollution" and the occurrence of rollover and pole folding accidents

in order to ensure the safe operation during operation, the crane is equipped with safety devices. Generally, there are the following safety devices:

(1) lifting indicator (angle plate, also known as weight limiter)

the angle indicator installed at the root of the boom close to the driving position, which changes with the elevation of the boom, reflects the included angle between the boom and the ground, and knows the elevation angles of different positions of the boom, According to the performance table and performance curve of the crane, we can know the amplitude value, lifting capacity, lifting height and other reference values at a certain elevation angle

(2) over winch limiter (also known as ultra-high limiter)

is installed on the pulley block at the end of the boom to limit the lifting height of the hook head, which is a safety device to prevent over winch accidents. It ensures that when the hook is lifted to the limit position, it can automatically send an alarm signal or cut off the power source to stop. First, short circuit the positive and negative poles of the electrolytic capacitor for lifting, so as to prevent overwinding

(3) torque limiter

torque limiter is a safety device that automatically cuts off the lifting or luffing power source when the load torque reaches the rated lifting torque, and sends a prohibition alarm signal. It is a limiter to prevent the crane from instability caused by overload

(4) anti boom pitching device and anti back bar support

anti boom pitching device and anti back bar support are safety devices that will not be lifted when the boom is lifted to the maximum rated elevation angle, which prevent the boom from tilting backward when the boom elevation angle is too large

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