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Three snow removal machines of "XCMG Liaoning" passed the provincial new product appraisal

<3 snow removal machines of "XCMG Liaoning" passed the provincial new product appraisal

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recently, entrusted by the Liaoning Provincial Commission of industry and information technology, Fuxin Municipal Commission of industry and information technology organized a provincial new product appraisal meeting in XCMG (Liaoning) Machinery Co., Ltd. The three new products of szd33 strong deicing brush, cs24 shovel brush integrated machine and px90z automatic snow thrower developed by "Liaoning XCMG" have all reached the domestic leading level and successfully passed the provincial new product appraisal

the Identification Committee is composed of relevant experts from Liaoning University of engineering and technology, Shenyang naso oil viscosity Association, science and Technology University, Shenyang University of engineering and other scientific research institutions. At the appraisal meeting, the experts who met with Professor Zhao Peng of Zhejiang University listened carefully to the reports of the R & D personnel of "Liaoning XCMG" on the trial production summary, product testing, user use and other reports of the three new products, reviewed the relevant technical data, checked the product samples, and inquired and commented on the items one by one, which were highly praised. The experts at the meeting agreed that the technical data of the three new products were complete and standardized, which met the identification requirements. The current indicators of the products met the requirements of relevant national and industrial standards, and the technical level was at the leading level of similar products in China. They believed that the products met the production conditions and could be transferred to mass production by pressing the button

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