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On July 10, the 2020 mid year meeting of Linglong tire dealers was held, the launch ceremony of the smart marketing phase I and the signing ceremony of the phase II cooperation of Linglong tire industrial interconnection platform jointly developed by Linglong tire, Tencent cloud and Huazhi intelligence were held, and the chairman of Linglong tire Wang Feng, President, Caiyi, vice president of Tencent cloud, Xia Yanna, chairman of China smart, and other relevant leaders of the three parties, as well as representatives of Linglong dealers, attended the ceremony

smart marketing phase I of Linglong tire industrial Internet platform was officially launched

based on the previous good cooperation foundation, the three parties will continue to make in-depth exploration in smart marketing, industrial digitalization and other aspects, help Linglong tire transform from traditional manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing, and pay close attention to the post market to improve the overall digital marketing and service level

embrace new opportunities and open new retail

at present, in the tide of a new round of industrial reform, industrial interconnection has become one of the powerful driving forces to promote the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry. Intelligent Shandong Star High Tech received the task of transforming a hydraulic fatigue testing machine for catenary parts from a factory under Jinan Railway Bureau some time ago. Manufacturing is an important starting point to achieve transformation and upgrading. Linglong tire, as one of the pioneers of the innovative development of Chinese tire enterprises, embraces opportunities and innovative changes. On December 21, 2019, it joined hands with Tencent cloud and Huazhi intelligence for the first time, opening a new era of smart manufacturing and smart marketing

smart marketing phase II of Linglong tire industrial Internet platform

after more than half a year of wisdom and cohesion, the three parties have achieved fruitful cooperation results. The development of Linglong smart retail system is another important achievement of tripartite cooperation and an important turning point for Linglong to comprehensively open the "new retail" strategy. After the system goes online, Linglong will rely on offline stores and smart retail systems all over the country to meet consumers' customized, personalized and diversified product and service needs through Internet synergy, so as to achieve richer store products, more professional services and greater profits

group photo of leaders of the three parties

at the same time, through the whole link digital marketing channels of factories, businesses and stores, we can realize the integration of upstream and downstream orders, inventory and services, control orders, discounts, goods and inventory, comprehensively digitize people, goods, vehicles and services, improve channel efficiency, enable Linglong to transform and upgrade from manufacturing to service, and finally create more value for partners

in the face of new changes, create new advantages

after the signing of the second phase contract, Tencent cloud and Huazhi intelligence will continue to release their own technology and abundant resources, low-cost upstream raw materials (electrolytic aluminum) and broad market potential, and provide Linglong industrial Internet platform with technical assistance and resource support in the fields of cloud computing, intelligent manufacturing, big data, artificial intelligence, manufacturing collaboration platform, IOT, information security, etc

Caiyi, vice president of Tencent cloud, delivered a speech

the three parties will continue to upgrade Linglong's new retail system, so that Linglong can achieve more refined operation and management in the smart retail business sector, provide a package of solutions for channel customers, and start smart work for thousands of shopkeepers. At the same time, connect applications such as enterprises and applets to reach users more efficiently, connect online and offline stores through e-mall, effectively introduce online consumers into offline store service system, and bring more marketing possibilities

speech by Xia Yanna, chairman of China made intelligent

Cai Yi, vice president of Tencent cloud, and Xia Yanna, chairman of China made intelligent, delivered speeches at the signing ceremony, saying that they would spare no effort to help the new retail of Linglong tires with the smooth progress of phase II project. Wang Feng, chairman of Linglong tire, said that China's automotive aftermarket has entered the "Internet +" era, and the future market 1 When abnormal information is displayed in the whole process of detection or the main shaft bearing does not rotate, it is necessary to combine the factory, business and store together through the organic combination of digitization, so as to provide products and services for consumers quickly and effectively, so as to maximize the efficiency and revenue of stores

Linglong tire chairman Wang Feng delivered a speech

taking this opportunity, Linglong tire will continue to promote the development of industrial interconnection and intelligent manufacturing reform, comprehensively improve the intelligent level of enterprise research and development, and build a new model for the integrated development of intelligent manufacturing and the real economy according to the draft plan, production, management and service approved by the European Union in October this year

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