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ABB's three strategies leverage the service market

in the view of Jiang Haibo, vice president of ABB North Asia and China, and head of service business department North Asia and China, the highest level of service is that customers simply can't remember that there is a service business

when people talk about good service now, the first thing they think of is to respond quickly, have a good attitude, and have advanced technology. In Jianghaibo's view, this is only the most basic level of service. How to bring more value to customers? The core idea of ABB's service business is to reduce the failure rate of customers' equipment to zero through a series of service solutions, so that they are basically unaware of the existence of services

three strategies

recently, Jiang Haibo expounded his understanding of the core value of service in an interview with electromechanical business daily in ABB's office in Jiuxianqiao, which instantly brightened his eyes

in fact, abb service is in a leading position in the world in terms of scale and professionalism. At present, service has become one of the core development strategies of ABB group, and has grown into a business that keeps pace with ABB's five traditional businesses

in 2012, the order volume of its service business accounted for 18% of the group's total orders, and the sales revenue accounted for 19% of the total sales. In the Chinese market, the business also maintained a strong upward momentum, with sales revenue and order volume increasing by nearly 15%

abb's goal is that by 2015, the sales of service business will account for 20% - 25% of the total sales. Jiang Haibo said so. At present, abb has more than 30000 service employees in 65 countries around the world. In China, there are 1500 full-time service personnel in more than 50 key cities across the country. At the same time, 20 professional service teams with various facilities such as service centers, service and maintenance workshops, spare parts warehouses and customer service training centers have been set up

when ABB first entered China, it focused on front-end sales, that is, providing customers with the best products and solutions. But with the passage of time, more and more customers have put forward service needs. Therefore, according to the needs of different customers, abb has developed a pyramid service solution

for customers who pay more attention to the product itself, abb provides product life cycle management services, reliability engineering and consulting services. In these two service solutions, abb can provide equipment upgrading, spare parts and logistics services, on-site equipment maintenance, remote services, on-site integration, operation improvement due to less market awareness of aerogel gel materials, automatic rapid maintenance management system, energy efficiency management and other service categories

for customers who pay more attention to their own asset optimization, abb can provide equipment performance management and enterprise asset maintenance management services. These two types of services include equipment reliability assurance, equipment startup rate assurance, equipment operation efficiency assurance and full responsibility performance services

in Jiang Haibo's eyes, professional service is not only a value-added process for customers, but also a long-term partnership with service providers. In order to continuously accelerate the development of service business in China, abb has also formulated three service strategies in addition to providing a series of service products and solutions for Chinese customers

in order to cooperate with the extension of ABB's global service strategy, we have formulated China's service strategy according to the characteristics of the Chinese market. Jiang Haibo said

first of all, in order to be close to customers, ABB's service business should achieve comprehensive coverage in the Chinese market. At present, it has set up five service centers in the Chinese market. Coupled with the changing market demand, this number will increase to 20-25 by 2015

secondly, abb will increase its investment in service R & D in the future and promote the development of service business through innovation. Different from general product development, we will develop corresponding service products according to the needs of different customers. This can not only create more value for customers, but also improve customer satisfaction

among them, Jiang Haibo emphasized that the innovation of service business includes two types: one is about the innovation of technology, such as adding remote communication or remote monitoring equipment to the original equipment; The other is the innovation of business model. This part does not involve more capital investment. Fire protection is particularly important, but ABB employees make more investment and innovation in service concept

finally, in order to provide customers with advanced value-added services, abb will create a comprehensive service product portfolio for customers. At present, China's customer demand is more focused on maintenance, upgrading, transformation, spare parts and so on. To this end, abb will provide it with more product portfolio, thereby bringing more value to customers

service business is booming

with advanced service concept, perfect localized service architecture, strong professional team and rich service resources, abb continues to win high praise from customers in the Chinese market

in providing full life cycle management services for CNOOC and shell, abb provided transformers, medium voltage and low voltage switchgear, analytical instruments, medium voltage and low voltage frequency converters, motors and other equipment. At the same time, it also signed a framework service agreement with CNOOC and shell oil to provide it with all-weather support services, spare parts support, training, on-site inspection and audit, problem analysis, preventive maintenance, upgrading and transformation and other comprehensive services

practice has proved that it is the meticulous service provided by abb that plays a vital role in the reliable and stable operation of its equipment. In view of this, since 2007, abb has stood out from more than 1000 suppliers for four consecutive years and was awarded the best service by CNOOC and shell If the oil return condition of buffer is poor, it shall be named by the supplier

since February 2010, abb has provided full responsibility performance services for Asia Pacific Senbo paper industry, and it has also won high praise from customers in this project service

in fact, in the past 20 years, abb has always been the preferred supplier for customers in more than 300 performance-based service projects. In the full responsibility performance service for Asia Pacific Senbo paper, abb undertook the comprehensive maintenance of all equipment of pulp production line 12, which not only improved the comprehensive utilization efficiency of the equipment, but also reduced the total maintenance cost

our numerous service practices in China have won high praise from customers. In the future, ABB's services will continue to innovate and continue to create more value for customers. Jiang Haibo is full of confidence in the development prospect of ABB's service business in China

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