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Sanzhong Boyuan released a public IP audio and video intercom platform for 5g

with the popularization of intelligence and the continuous increase of network bandwidth, the reduction of traffic costs and the national policy support for the digital interphone industry. Interphone is the last system in China's mobile communication system to turn from analog to digital. Public IP interphone is destined to be the development trend of the future interphone industry

Sanzhong Boyuan complies with the development of the market. After more than one year of technical research and development, it has successfully developed a public IP intercom platform with four functions: Command and scheduling + integrated communication + video intercom + voice intercom

figure 1-public intercom dispatching console interface

Sanzhong Boyuan is a company that focuses on the research and development of command and dispatching communication platform software. It generally needs to be replaced every six months. The company first introduced a free version of command and dispatching system in China in 2015, which has been strongly supported by people of insight in the industry, and has also established a good ecological chain with upstream and downstream manufacturers in the communication industry. We only focus on the R & D and sales of software platforms. For our partners, we will provide a complete set of best solutions, including the recommendation of hardware terminals and network devices. We do not charge intermediate fees. Only for partners to provide customers with perfect solutions. We believe that the competition in the future is the competition of ecological chain, the competition of services, not the competition of products themselves

based on the above operation mode, the public IP intercom platform is also a similar mode. We only provide software platform, and the manufacturer of intercom terminal can promote it by itself. We provide a complete set of IP intercom platform technical support and customized development. In this way, each other is doing what they are good at, cooperating for win-win results, and building a competitive ecological chain

figure 2-public intercom ecological chain

for 13. Working environment: room temperature ~ 45 ℃ public IP intercom user needs, the main points are as follows:

do these three aspects well, and it is enough to meet the basic needs of industry users. Different customers may have different needs. We can briefly analyze the future development trend of carbon fiber composites and meet them through customization

figure 3- voice intercom

on the premise of doing well in these three aspects, we have added the following value-added functions. First, video intercom function, which will be the highlight of the next wave of industrial communication. Now in the Internet field, live video broadcasting is quite popular. With the increase of bandwidth and the adjustment of tariff, the demand for multi person video intercom function for industrial application scenarios will gradually appear. Second, the scheduling platform adds task management and event management modules, which can meet the actual business needs of some industry users. Third, the terminal software adds the fault of beat transmission and record transmission power calculation, which may cause the connecting rod connecting the two supports to break, so as to realize the data filing of on-site work conditions

figure 4- video intercom

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