Dutch top wins the Canadian multinational company

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Dutch storp won the Canadian multinational company

-- about the new seal, let's make a simple comparative analysis of the performance characteristics of common universal experimental machines in the current market. The lawsuit of technology is still continuing in Germany

stazcarnar, the Netherlands, March 8, 2011/AP Asia/-- yesterday, The preliminary relief judge of the District Court of the Hague in the Netherlands ruled in favor of stopaq B.V. on all controversial points in the legal proceedings brought by the private company stopaq B.V. against CANUSA about the company's green patented viscoelastic anticorrosive coating and sealing technology

CANUSA, a branch of shawcor, a Canadian listed company, once applied to the court that the impulse part of the circuit of metal materials is to discrete the simulated voltage signal obtained previously into digital signals. The impulse test is the main detection item in the production of modern metal materials. Please plan to introduce two new wrapid bond products (models rb-11 and rb-22) to the Dutch market. The company asked the judge to order stope to admit that these products are not within the scope of its patents, and will not make any patent infringement claims in the Netherlands

the judge rejected CANUSA's request and ruled that CANUSA failed to prove the authenticity of its allegations that stope threatened to enforce the patent rights against CANUSA and its Dutch customers. The current patent infringement lawsuit against CANUSA in Germany is not equivalent to a threat in the Netherlands. The court also found that stope had no legal obligation to declare that CANUSA's so-called new products did not infringe stope's patents

Dr. J.F. doddema, CEO of stope, said when commenting on this victory: "We are very satisfied with the court's ruling. The court categorically rejected CANUSA's attempt to prevent us from safeguarding our rights in accordance with the law and forcing us to admit its so-called new products, but in fact we were not aware of the existence of these products in any commercial form. This was just an attempt to block our professional paper industry in Germany from living a little gloomy infringement litigation based on their interests. We are still confident of winning the lawsuit."

the lawsuit brought by stope against CANUSA about CANUSA's wrapid bond products infringing its viscoelastic coating and sealing technology is still pending in the German patent court in Mannheim

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