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"Three princes of Lovol", leading the industry's "customization" era

"three princes of Lovol", leading the industry's "customization" era

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inscription: "the popularity of customization" has inspired Lovol. Seven years ago, the production mode they launched was a customization feast for Lovol excavators

there is a saying that "what suits you is the best". This concept has also begun to be reflected more and more in people's lives. Otherwise, Feng Xiaogang's "private customization" will not sell well at the box office. There are more and more signs that "customization" has become a popular object. It is not only tailored for customers, but also a symbol of identity and dignity

"three princes of Lovol · value creates wealth"

in the field of construction machinery, users pay more attention to the quality and practicality of products. What will manufacturers do if they want to carry out a "private PE pipe ring stiffness experimental machine customization" for this group of users

such marketing is certainly attractive, but consumers and users will also make their choices according to their own needs. Now, this choice of "suitable for me" is not limited to commercial activities, or Feng Xiaogang's "private customization" will not sell at the box office. There are more and more signs that "customization" has become a popular object. It is not only tailored for customers, but also a symbol of identity and dignity

in the field of construction machinery, users pay more attention to the quality and practicality of products. If there is a "private customization" for these users, what will manufacturers do

representative of broken King: Lovol fr225d_ Etx+ excavator

exclusive customization

for products such as construction machinery, manufacturers cannot customize them one by one for users, and users themselves cannot afford such costs. Can users only use the same equipment to do different projects

no, Lovol excavator gave a negative answer to this question. Since 2006, they have realized that they should strive to find a way to manufacture different machines for different users. Since then, the R & D team of the company has shifted its energy to developing more targeted products for users. Lovol FR60, fr220 and fr225d etx+ excavators are the research results of this period

many people are not unfamiliar with these three products. After all, they have experienced in the market for six or seven years. But speaking of the "three princes of Lovol", many people may not understand it thoroughly. Understandably, after all, these three products have been associated with the "three princes of Lovol" for less than a year

representative of the oil saving King: Lovol fr60d excavator is under construction

in 2013, with the popularity of the film "private customization", Lovol excavators knew that the opportunity they were waiting for came. They have been building more specific and effective products for users for some years. Now they can borrow the wind from this film to start a new round of marketing mode - customization. This adjustment makes their products more advantageous in the market and easier to be accepted by users. Therefore, Lovol excavator has upgraded its products and launched a more powerful "LOVOL Three Princes", namely, the king of fuel economy, the king of efficiency and the king of fragmentation

these three "Princes" who have spent 7 years of efforts on Lovol excavator have combined all the advantages of Lovol excavator products in recent years, and they have their own outstanding skills. Cui Huixi, vice president of Lovol excavator Research Institute, pointed out in the interview: "The 'three princes' products have their own characteristics. The' fuel saving king, efficiency king and crushing King 'are all defined according to their product characteristics, the characteristics of construction conditions and the actual needs of users. Taking the efficiency king Lovol fr220 excavator as an example, fr220 takes into account ordinary soil, hard soil and earth rock mixed materials, and is suitable for the construction conditions of earthwork contracting. The products are equipped with constant power The advanced hydraulic control and electric control system has higher working efficiency and faster response speed: the boom speed is increased by 16%, the rotation speed is increased by 6%, the operation efficiency is increased by 10.2%, and the fuel consumption is reduced by 5.6%

next, let's take a look at the performance of the "three princes of Lovol" in the market. Liu Changyong, from Weihai, Shandong Province, is a loyal user of Lovol excavator. As a major customer with more than a dozen Lovol construction machinery, Mr. Liu has many types of Lovol equipment, of which the most satisfied is Lovol fr220 excavator, the representative product of Lovol efficiency King excavator. In the interview, he was very satisfied with this equipment: "compared with the equipment for earthwork operation with ordinary soil, hard soil and earth rock mixed materials, my equipment has obvious advantages. While ensuring the quality of the project, the operation speed is much more prominent than other equipment. Time is money during construction, and high efficiency not only completes the construction period in advance, but also saves enough time for equipment maintenance and the next project commencement." He concluded, "Lovol fr220 has obvious characteristics, which are more dry, high efficiency, and energy and fuel saving"

Ouali said, "we can also form semi-finished products again.

efficiency representative Wang: Lovol fr220d excavator is under construction.

Wang detan in Qingdao has a Lovol FR60 excavator. He purchased this equipment in 2007, when Lovol excavator began its targeted production. Now he has worked for more than 14000 hours. During the interview, Mr. Wang thought of his experience of purchasing equipment and felt very gratified: "The cost performance of Lovol FR60 excavator is really good. Many of the small excavations that worked together for greening have been scrapped. My Lovol FR60 excavator still makes money for me until now." On the issue of fuel economy, Mr. Wang thought it was so fuel-efficient that he didn't even want to calculate its fuel consumption in the past. He has more praise for this equipment, which is famous for its fuel economy. According to him, although his Lovol FR60 excavator has been in service for seven consecutive years, neither the boom nor the forearm has failed, and even in the past seven years, there has been no failure affecting the work

according to the interview with users, it can be found that compared with the efficiency king and the crushing king, the oil saving king has a significantly larger market share. President Cui also explained this phenomenon. He believed that the current engineering quantity is decreasing and the profit is decreasing. As users, if they want to make more money, they will think more about fuel consumption. Therefore, when choosing equipment, fuel economy will dominate users' choice. President Cui said that the oil saving king will be the key product of Lovol excavator in the future. He said: "Lovol excavator will develop products that satisfy users more specifically according to the actual needs of the market and users."

the market has verified that President Cui's confidence is not groundless. The customized production of Lovol excavator is not a blind experiment, but the result of long-term market research. For such a production mode, President Cui said: "now the whole society is talking about 'customization'. As a manufacturer of construction machinery, Lovol excavator is more prominent for customers. Dr. Wolfgang Feist, the scientific and technological director of the German passive Housing Research Institute, said:" compared with traditional buildings, it is customized. The market has proved the superiority of this mode, which will become an important factor in determining the direction of product research and development. "

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