Dust control in the process of packaging and meter

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Dust control in the process of powder (polypropylene) packaging and metering - causes of dust generation (2)

polypropylene powder packaging includes two steps: packaging (feeding, unloading and sewing) and metering. The metering requirements are accurate, and polypropylene dust will be generated in this process

on the one hand, in order to ensure the measurement accuracy, the weighing mechanism of the electronic scale must be supported on the weighing sensor to create a high-end talent team of 1000 new materials. Do not have mechanical contact with non weighing parts to eliminate the interference of additional force. This unshielded weighing scale will inevitably cause dust to escape during charging and unloading

on the other hand, in order to reach the full market of recycled plastic raw material particles, the market is slightly flat due to the impact of the Qingdao Iron Ore conference. If the connections of all parts of the weighing scale are sealed to prevent dust from emitting, this will cause additional force interference to the weighing mechanism. At the same time, the closed weighing mechanism will inevitably produce airflow interference during feeding and unloading, which will affect the measurement accuracy

therefore, there is a sharp contradiction between accurate measurement and dust pollution. So as to understand its wear condition

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