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Three people lost their gambling and kidnapped the owner of a paint shop in Hefei for 200000 yuan

three people lost their gambling and kidnapped the owner of a paint shop in Hefei for 200000 yuan

June 29, 2011

[China paint information] lost money in the casino. In order to quickly "make money", the three people lied about doing engineering to buy paint, kidnapped Wu, the owner of a paint shop in Hefei, and extorted 200000 yuan from his family. The three were arrested a few days later

in February this year, Xu lost 70000 yuan in the casino. The door panel standard of the new project was changed from 52388f standard to tl52388h standard. His friends Xiao Wang and Xiao Li also lost a lot of money. The three decided to do a kidnapping to make money. Xiao Wang proposed to choose a large paint dealer in a building materials market in Hefei. With the development of electronic technology and the improvement of servo electromechanical performance, he pretended to buy paint and asked the boss to send paint samples, and then took the opportunity to kidnap and blackmail

the three felt that this was a good way to do what they said. They immediately took action, bought a card in the mobile business hall, came to the business department of a paint shop in a building materials market, told the salesperson that there was a decoration project of more than 1000 square meters to buy paint, and left contact information for the boss to contact them

in the morning of April 15, Wu, the owner of the paint shop, called Xu to ask about the project situation in the process of cable experiment. The three invited him to the construction site. Wu agreed and made an appointment to meet near an industrial park. After hanging up, the three bought tape and fruit knives on the nearby stall "reprint please indicate the source of Huaxia mold"

Wu then drove a black car to the appointed place

after the meeting, three people immediately kidnapped him, one took out a knife, and the other tied the boss with tape

at about 15:00 that day, Xu called Wu's wife with the card he just bought and said, "your husband is in my hand now, and I will immediately prepare 200000 yuan, otherwise I will tear up the ticket."

at about 19:00 that day, Wu's wife called and said that she only got more than 100000. After the three agreed, they frequently changed the joint location

at about 6 o'clock the next day, the three people were afraid of being found when they met, so they gave up their original plan, stole Wu's bank card and forced him to say the password to take more than 10000 yuan

then, the three fled the scene and set Wu free. Afterwards, Wu's family called the police. A few days later, the police arrested Xu and other three people

at present, the three people have been arrested with the approval of the Baohe District Procuratorate of Hefei for robbery. (the characters in the text are pseudonyms)

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