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Sanxia is around the corner, exploring Lovol Ceres harvest machinery intelligent chemical plant

Sanxia is around the corner, exploring Lovol Ceres harvest machinery intelligent chemical plant

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from the Lovol Ceres "Maike" with a feeding volume of 2.5kg/s to the 7kg/s feeding volume Lovol Ceres GE70, which leads the domestic wheat harvester into the era of "large feeding", and then to the 8kg/s Lovol Ceres ge80 harvester with the maximum feeding volume of mass production in China, Lovol Ceres wheat harvester has led the industry for 16 consecutive years

approaching Sanxia, I came to Lovol Valley God harvest machinery factory, where production is in full swing. It is reported that more than 300 Lovol Ceres harvesting machines are offline from here every day and then sent to all parts of the country

intelligent "AGV" is large, and many regular enterprises have shown their magic power at a loss.

in recent years, with the rapid development of intelligence, the demand for automation upgrading of domestic equipment manufacturing enterprises has begun to appear, and more and more factories have begun to use robots to replace human labor in the near future. In Lovol harvest machinery factory, a large number of intelligent chemical equipment such as robots and manipulators have been fully utilized here, ensuring production efficiency and product quality

in the production workshop of Lovol Ceres, automatic cruising "AGV self-propelled cars" are transported back and forth efficiently, accurately and flexibly according to the instructions of the system. The AGV car loaded with sub assembly parts such as screen box and cab shuttles nearly 200 meters in less than 3 minutes, with an efficiency increase of nearly 73%. At the same time, it saves personnel and becomes the fastest and safest foot for transferring parts. Before that, The transfer of parts and components uses manual pushing, which has great labor intensity and low efficiency

agv smart car transport engine

according to the introduction, the AGV car is divided into tail traction and latent traction. How to distinguish between the hydraulic universal testing machine with different configurations and the maintenance guide rod. The maximum weight can be towed is 800kg. With magnetic strip navigation and RFID card setting commands, it can be flexibly deployed in the workshop without affecting the normal transportation of other transfer cars. At the same time, it is equipped with triple safety protection devices, In addition, it also has the function of automatic detection of deviation from the route, current monitoring, and long-time standby prompt

the busy Lovol Ceres harvester production line

it is understood that Lovol Ceres harvester factory has invested more than 140 sets of computer "intelligent" process equipment, such as welding robots and AGV logistics robots. The operation effect is good, meeting the requirements of production pace, and effectively ensuring the improvement of production efficiency and quality of the factory

casting quality firewall to ensure zero quality defects

product quality is the greatest guarantee for the market. In 2017, Lovol Ceres harvest machinery factory carried out quality risk identification and evaluation of products from the aspects of human, machine, material, law, environment, etc., so as to effectively curb the occurrence of quality problems from the source of the problem

taking the quality problems fed back by the market as the starting point, lovoapos agricultural equipment has opened a market CRM system to timely monitor major quality problems in the market and process, and establish a high-voltage quality line. At the same time, we will refine the hierarchical management of quality information, implement standardization promotion according to the quality valve management, and promote the smooth implementation of the quality red line, quality accountability, and three-dimensional quality of quality valve

use a manipulator to install the guard plate

in addition, it was found that front-line employees carried carbon pens, a kind of writing tape and other small tools in their tooling pockets. After inquiry, I learned that if a part is installed and there is no quality problem after their audit, a well-known logo will be painted on the prominent place. On the contrary, if a small problem is found in this process, but it does not affect the next process or beat, it will be marked with adhesive tape to facilitate inspection

for the problems that must be handled in time, a set of rapid response mechanism, the light pressing system, has also been established in the Lovol Ceres general assembly workshop. When there are problems of quality, logistics distribution, equipment abnormality and purchase shortage, front-line employees can press the station button on the spot to send abnormal information. In order to ensure the timely and effective solution of the problem, the team leader should arrive at the scene of the problem within 10 seconds, and the production line segment should arrive at the scene of the problem within 30 seconds. If there is a problem that the team leader cannot deal with, the workshop director should arrive at the scene of the problem within 2 minutes, and the managers of relevant functional departments should arrive at the scene of the problem within 5 minutes

employees use robots to install tires

intelligent technology, quality assurance. Under the dual guarantee of advanced intelligent technology and information-based quality management system, Lovol Ceres harvesters start from here and drive to fields all over the country to help the summer wheat harvest

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