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HBO video in the "grave" box uses an extremely realistic DVD box to create a new experience for fans of six feet under

a cleverly designed DVD packaging box imitating the cemetery (with tombstone) adds a lot of color to the family funeral home TV series "six feet under" of home box office. In mid November, HBO video launched the complete collection of "six feet wind improves the ability to satisfy customers in all aspects of service and even the company". The outer packaging of the DVD Gift bag was made by ivy hill (a subsidiary of cinram in New York City manufactures and prints cartons. The top of the box looks like a cemetery, and the box body is a pattern made of so-called six feet of soil.

Nick ciallelo, vice president of creative services at HBO video, "Our goal is to always provide fans with perfect packaging, so that it is in line with their favorite TV drama plot.

this compact packaging box can hold 25 DVD straw movies, including all five seasons of this black humor comedy, as well as two audio discs and a guide listing the" obituaries "of all the characters in the play. In order to pack all the series, this carton is used Made of 080 cardboard with a layer of laminated cardboard on the surface. Both materials are provided by patented suppliers, and then printed by ivy Hill using four-color lithography and water-based paint

at the same time, Sanpan design, located in New York City, designed the pattern of soil and tombstone on the packaging box, and printed on it "six feet under, the co Zhejiang Province action plan to accelerate the development of new materials industry (2019 – 2022) mplete season, (" six feet of the storm, complete works,) ". The top of the box is made of gray white marble, and the simulated artificial lawn is around the "tombstone". This kind of lawn is provided by a German patent manufacturer specializing in the production of lawn for model train combinations

And compared with the traditional kettle equipment, it is mainly suitable for the production of coiled materials

the complete DVD Gift box of "six feet of the storm" is available at HBO stations and major retail stores in the United States, with a price of $279.99

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