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Gree has quietly "marched" into the advanced equipment industry three years ago. When the media focused on dongmingzhu and Lei Jun's "gambling" and "poaching" and "beating", Gree Electric has quietly changed from being the "first brother of air conditioning" in household appliances to "equipment manufacturing company in heavy industry". You may know that Gree Electric is transforming and doing, but you may not have heard that Gree is also marching into the problem prone equipment manufacturing of automatic products. Yesterday (4th), dongmingzhu revealed in an interview with the first equipment fair that Gree Electric has changed from a household appliance enterprise to a heavy industry equipment manufacturing company, adding local leaders and effective forces to Zhuhai's advanced equipment manufacturing industry

Gree Electric Appliance: in five years, Gree equipment has caught up with Gree air conditioner

just when the media focused on dongmingzhu and Lei Jun's gambling, digging and beating people, Gree Electric Appliance has quietly changed from a big brother in air conditioning as household appliances to an equipment manufacturing company in heavy industry. Yesterday, the interview group of the first assembly fair came to Gree Electric. Dongmingzhu revealed in an interview with the media group that Gree Electric has been marching into the advanced equipment manufacturing industry for three years, and has independently developed nearly 100 kinds of automation products, which have achieved mass production

it has been only three years since the establishment of the research institute to mass production.

according to a data provided by Gree Electric, in 2011, the company formulated an automation development plan according to the overall development strategy, and decided to take the goal of realizing an unmanned workshop in three to five years, focusing on how to successfully drive the thermosetting materials with cutting-edge 3D technology and implement it by stages

according to dongmingzhu, after making this development plan, she found that the equipment required by Gree air conditioner production line needs to be imported because of its high precision requirements, which is not produced in China. China is so big, why can't we do what others can do? At that time, dongmingzhu decided to establish an automation research institute to develop automatic production equipment. It took less than three years from the establishment of the research institute to the mass production of products

after the implementation of automation strategy, the production efficiency of Gree Electric Appliance has been greatly improved. Take the injection molding branch as an example. Before the implementation of automation three years ago, the per capita output value of the factory was about 500000 yuan. Now it has increased to 1million yuan, and will increase to 2.5 million yuan within three years. At present, the automation equipment developed and produced by Gree has been put into its own air conditioning production line

automation products cover more than 10 fields

dongmingzhu revealed that Gree's self-developed automation products currently cover more than 10 fields, including industrial robots, intelligent AGV, injection molding robots, large automation lines, and nearly 100 products. It is also understood that as of December 31, 2014, the automation equipment manufacturing department has produced 1660 sets of equipment and 1482 sets of tooling. This year, Gree automation equipment manufacturing department will focus on the layout and development of industrial robots and high-end CNC machine tools

dongmingzhu said that Gree is an air conditioner in the eyes of the outside world, but when you walk into the company, Gree has quietly turned into an equipment manufacturing company in heavy industry. In response to the question of Nandu that the decomposition products generated by splines of the same volume made of polyurethane hard foam and soft foam materials under this condition are equivalent to the hazardous materials produced by wood combustion, dongmingzhu revealed that Gree will spend about five years in the future to build Gree equipment manufacturing products into world-class products like Gree air conditioners

automated production equipment and intelligent robots will be a huge market. According to public information, by 2017, Guangdong Province will have invested 943billion yuan in industrial technological transformation in three years

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