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Behind the scenes hero of green: Eaton

many people have heard of the Airbus A380 super large aircraft that can accommodate nearly a thousand people, but few people know that a company has solidified one of the most important parts of the aircraft designed for this model - the hydraulic system, which has helped the "Big Mac" lose a whole ton of weight. Similarly, many Chinese consumers who drive Chery cars do not know whose engine valve is helping them reduce fuel consumption

"the hero behind the scenes" is Eaton, a fortune 500 company from the United States. Eaton is the only enterprise in the world that can simultaneously provide oil electric hybrid system and oil hydraulic hybrid technology, which reduce fuel consumption and exhaust emissions. Today, customers using Eaton hybrid vehicles include FedEx, UPS, Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola, DAF truck company and Daimler truck company in Europe, etc., while 60% of the hydraulic systems of Boeing and Airbus aircraft are Eaton products. Next, Eaton will "actively participate in" the bidding of foreign suppliers for China's large aircraft projects

"Eaton should not only take his own green road, but also provide a way for others." Zhou Tao, President of Eaton China, told BusinessWeek

1998, Eaton became one of the first industrial enterprises to apply for ISO 14001 certification of international environmental management standard, covering all production bases of Eaton worldwide. In August, 2005, Eaton launched a new global environment, health and safety management system (mesh), which promoted the environment, health and safety from a separate activity within the company to a joint responsibility of 60000 Eaton employees. Since 2007, mesh has become a key annual performance evaluation standard for all Eaton factories, and will also be used as an evaluation standard for obtaining Eaton's "business excellence certification"

at the same time, Eaton is also a partner of the "Energy Star" project of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. As a member of the "international carbon declaration project" and the "greenhouse gas emission reduction plan", Eaton promised to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 18% by 2012, and achieved 79% of the target in only two years

in 2006, Eaton joined the green suppliers network, a public-private partnership project involving the environmental protection agency and the Ministry of Commerce. Through this project, Eaton helps small and medium-sized enterprises among suppliers to establish "lean and clean" production processes. In june2008, Eaton won the "2008 blue sky Award" issued by calstart, an American environmental protection organization, in recognition of Eaton's sustainable innovation and advanced technology in the transportation field. The award is selected once a year. The experimental method for plastic combustion performance - oxygen index method gb/t 2406 ⑼ 3 can only be awarded to enterprises that have made outstanding contributions in the fields of air purification, energy conservation and clean transportation industry

in June, 2009, President Obama insisted on smooth screw rod up and down. When visiting the electric vehicle technology center of Edison Company in Southern California, the demonstration project included an innovative technology developed by Eaton - the first plug-in truck oil electric hybrid system. The system is expected to improve fuel economy by up to 70% and can be charged through standard 120V or 240V power outlets

Eaton has also brought high standards of environmental protection to China. "Since 1993, when it entered the Chinese market and set up its first joint venture, environmental protection has been running through. Since then, all mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and sole proprietorships in China have not abandoned this point." Zhou Tao stressed that green manufacturing provides Eaton with an opportunity to occupy the Chinese market. For example, Eaton has established industrial sewage treatment systems in its factories in China. Taking the hydraulic product production base in Jining, Shandong Province as an example, Eaton has invested more than 5million yuan to establish a world-class fully automatic sewage treatment system, with sewage treatment up to 100 tons/day

in May last year, Eaton signed an agreement with Guangzhou Hongjia Weiye Development Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou FAW Bus Co., Ltd. on the purchase of hybrid systems, and plans to add 207 hybrid vehicles to Guangzhou for operation. The fuel consumption of hybrid electric vehicles is reduced by nearly 60% compared with that of passenger cars currently in use, and the fuel cost is saved by 40%. At the same time, the emissions of particles and nitrogen oxides are significantly reduced. In the first half of 2009, Eaton delivered to Shanghai electric power company the first batch of 17 cirui ring cabinets that adopted clean and environmental protection technology and did not use sulfur hexafluoride at all. Enterprises usually use sulfur hexafluoride as the insulating medium in the switchgear. The greenhouse effect caused by sulfur hexafluoride gas is 25000 times that of carbon dioxide. Once it is discharged into the atmosphere, it will take about 3400 years to decompose

2009 Shanghai auto show, Eaton exhibited ultra shift plus automatic mechanical transmission (AMT), which represents the world's latest technology. This fully automatic transmission can effectively improve the safety and adaptability of the vehicle, improve the fuel economy of the vehicle, and significantly reduce the operating cost

"sustainable development strategy is the core of our global business development. Eaton's goal is to exceed the most basic environmental protection standards required by laws and regulations, so that environment, health and safety can truly become a part of Eaton's culture." Zhou Tao said, "one of Eaton's priorities is to protect and improve the environment through technological innovation or serial port cable protection."

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