The hottest Great Wall electrician shares fell 508

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Great Wall Electric's share price fell 5.08%

at 10:27 on January 18, Great Wall Electric (600192) had a change and its share price fell sharply. As of press time, the quoted price of the stock is 4.86 yuan/share, the turnover rate is 1.90%, the turnover is 41.6124 million, the net outflow of the main force is 3.1357 million, the amplitude is 4.30%, and the 2.2 formula shows that the circulating market value is 2.147 billion

[rising potential]

the short-term rising probability of the lead screw driven by the mechanical and electrical machinery through a series of transmission mechanisms such as the reducer is average. The rising potential score is 79 points

[chip distribution]

the current price of Great Wall electrician is 4.86, the pressure level is 4.90, the support level is 4.70, the average cost is 5.30, and the current profit ratio is 40.86%. The currently selected date has moderate relative price and moderate chip density. 90% chips' annual profit of 200million yuan is concentrated in 4 70 yuan, 70% of the chips are concentrated in 4 60 yuan

[main force strength]

main force funds

as of press release, the net outflow of main force funds was 3135700; Recently, on the 5th of the 21st century, the net outflow of the main capital of the stock was 21.2541 million

[market back test]

performance of the price limit

in the past year, the stock has had two price limits. On the second trading day after the price limit, it rose 0 times and fell 2 times, with an increase probability of 0.00%

in the past year, the stock did not fall by the limit

market performance

the trend is better than the market and the industry

[value analysis]

research, development, production, wholesale and retail of electrical machinery, equipment and electrical components; Design, produce and release various domestic advertisements; Commercial trade; House lease and equipment lease; Collection of service fees; Processing, filling and sales (including export) of concentrated fruit and vegetable juice, essence and beverage; Purchase, primary processing and sales (including export) of agricultural and sideline products (excluding grain); Seedling planting and sales

agency rating

in the last three months, 0 agencies have issued ratings, and the overall rating is no rating

growth analysis

in the first three quarters of 2018, the revenue was 1.353 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of -4.20%, the net profit in the first three quarters of 2018 was 12.9232 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of -8.12%, and the P/E ratio was 124.60

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