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The "band" of Gree robot group "singing for the motherland" presented a gift to the smart Expo

the "band" of Gree robot that will appear in this smart Expo. On August 14, the reporter of Chongqing daily learned from Zhuhai Gree Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Gree company) that Gree company will bring a professional "band" to appear in this smart Expo and perform "singing the motherland" on site. Unusually, the guitarist, bassist, keyboard player, percussion musician and drummer in this band are all industrial robots independently developed by Gree

"band" members include two Gree grs405 horizontal multi joint robots, one Gree grs401 horizontal multi joint robot and eight Gree gr606 industrial robots. Among them, grs405 horizontal multi joint robot acts as the main force of the "band". With 0.02mm we can improve the repeated positioning accuracy and 2m/s movement speed, it plays piano tracks with accurate beat and full sound quality

according to the introduction, the "band" of Gree robots had the experience of performing on the stage before. In order to welcome the upcoming smart Expo, the Technology Department of Gree once again optimized the robot parameters and cooperated with special tooling fixtures. Under the command of the music teacher, 11 robots cooperated to complete the performance of the whole music. "This group of 'bands' reflects the stability and high precision of Gree robot system." Gree faces many challenges in reducing the weight and thickness of packaging materials, said the company's relevant person in charge

"the robot 'band' has been re expanded on the basis of the original significance for alleviating the energy crisis. It not only increases the number of ordinary metal and non-metal samples, but also increases the number of direct contact between the jaws of the fixture and the samples, and also adds musical instruments." The person in charge said that at present, the robot "band" is in full swing rehearsal, and the robot R & D team is also conducting equipment commissioning, hoping to present a special gift to this smart Expo. (reporter Cui Yao Intern yangqianfan)

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