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On December 2, on the eve of the opening of the fourth world interconnection conference, Wensi Haihui and Huawei launched a new generation of Intelligent Cloud customer service platform - zhixunyun customer service (English name Michelle), which is widely applicable to customer service management businesses in government, finance, transportation, high-tech and other industries

as a new generation of cloud customer service solution, Zhixun cloud customer service has its unique innovation ability in every stage of the customer service application management life cycle from platform opening, application to continuous service, helping users quickly build communication channels and service windows for external contact, marketing and promotion

Zhixun cloud customer service introduces artificial intelligence and big data technology, integrates all information channels such as,, and email, and is a truly integrated solution for the whole process. The cooperation with Huawei cloud communication platform has greatly improved the call quality by connecting to the three major operators. At the press conference on the afternoon of the 2nd, Mr. Xia Zhenggang, vice president of Wensi Haihui, said that we hope this solution can build an all media, intelligent and cost-effective customer service management system for users

high efficiency and low cost are the biggest advantages of zhixunyun customer service. According to the 2015 special research report on China's SaaS customer service market, the SaaS customer service market has grown at a rate of more than 40% every year since 2015. In 2017, the size of the SaaS customer service market will reach 68 billion yuan, and more than 68% of enterprises will try to deploy customer service using SaaS. However, at this time, if the tensile experiment is carried out with beam displacement control, the traditional customer service construction cycle is too long, and the hardware cost that enterprises need to invest in the early stage is too high, Become a major pain point of the industry. Now, with the help of Zhixun cloud customer service platform, enterprises only need to spend a few minutes to open an account. At the same time, cloud deployment also saves users a large amount of software and hardware equipment and facilities costs, saving more than 50% of the one-time capital investment on average compared with the traditional self built mode. Combined with the BPO service capability delivered by Wensi Haihui worldwide, the operation from site selection to customer service center can be realized in 15 days, and the efficiency can be more than doubled

the ability to cover all information channels is an innovation after the opening of zhixunyun customer service. Through unified interface integration, fax, email, SMS, Weibo and various instant messaging tools, the platform ensures that a customer is missed, avoiding the time brought by repeated services and the waste of energy due to the experimental machine. In addition, the joint Huawei cloud communication platform provides carrier level voice quality and brings better user experience. The customer service management combined with big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence technology can carry out friction experiment machine construction principle identity recognition and service prediction for users, provide intelligent service menu, reduce manual seat participation, reduce the cost by more than 80%, and ensure that customers can enjoy 7 * 24 hours of uninterrupted and timely service

as a leading IT service company in China and the world, Wensi Haihui has been deeply involved in the industry for more than 20 years, and has continued to innovate in the process of transformation and upgrading from traditional operations to cloud. In the era of intelligent customer service, Wensi Haihui zhixunyun customer service integrates intelligent Q & A 7.3 batch systems such as Baidu, Microsoft, iFLYTEK, etc., to meet the needs of different business scenarios, and create more business value for customers with first-class industry solutions and flexible customization capabilities

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