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Wenzhou coating chamber of Commerce: complementary to the development of the industry

Wenzhou coating chamber of Commerce: complementary to the development of the industry

January 15, 2009

[China coating information] from 76 member units in 1993 to 193 member enterprises in Wenzhou today, and has dozens of economic consulting units across the country; The member enterprises have developed from the original family handicraft workshops and mom and pop stores to today's enterprise standardized management, with the continuous expansion of enterprise scale and the continuous improvement of grade and product quality. The great progress of Wenzhou coating chamber of commerce is complementary to the development of the coating industry in our city. For many members, the development of enterprises is inseparable from the dedicated services of the chamber of Commerce

however, service should not only be "hard", but also "attentive". Because of the intention, the coating chamber of commerce also specially established a non-profit company - dangerous goods transportation company. What's going on

many products operated by coating enterprises are listed in the scope of hazardous chemicals. Due to the special nature of products, coating enterprises have encountered unimaginable development bottlenecks in the past few years. "Whether it is the supply speed of products or the response speed of customized services, enterprise transportation is divided into four parts: production, operation, storage and transportation. Transportation has become a thorn in the heart of many enterprises." Zhang Hongyang, Secretary General of the municipal paint chamber of Commerce, introduced

learned that in order to win customers, almost all paint enterprises bring their own small four-wheel trucks to deliver goods to customers free of charge. Since 2002, the state has successively promulgated and implemented the regulations on the direct contact of hazardous chemicals management and the regulations of the people's Republic of China on the administration of road transportation, which put forward strict requirements for the transportation of hazardous chemicals. According to the regulations, the transportation of hazardous chemicals must implement the qualification recognition system. Those who have not been certified will not be allowed to transport dangerous chemicals by road until the power battery shipment reaches 28gwh in 2016

using the copper electroplating electrode solar cell technology platform to carry out technology development, testing and verification, there was no qualified transportation vehicle in the coating industry in our city at that time. This is because qualification verification is not as easy as expected - a professional dangerous goods transportation enterprise must be established separately, with no less than 10 vehicles, and professional drivers, loading and unloading management personnel and escorts who have obtained work qualification certificates must also be equipped. This is almost an "impossible task" for a single enterprise

"not long after the regulations were issued, our enterprise was fined 10000 yuan." Huangjiafu, the person in charge of Wenzhou xianzeng coating Co., Ltd., said. In fact, since 2005, paint enterprises have been repeatedly punished by transportation management departments. Zhang Hongyang said that during that time, the chamber of commerce basically came forward to help coordinate and deal with it every time, and he became a "regular customer" of Wenzhou transportation management department

therefore, the chamber of Commerce decided to take the lead to establish a dangerous goods transportation enterprise in the coating industry. In the summer of 2005, the municipal dangerous transportation company was officially established. What distinguishes this transportation enterprise is that it is not for profit. "The purpose of establishing this company is to serve its members, and it will not change in the future." Zhang said. Since the establishment of the transportation company, no member enterprise has been investigated by the management department for illegal transportation, which has also played a positive role in strengthening the road transportation safety management for the government functional departments

the transportation problem has been solved, and the coating chamber of Commerce has begun to rush to solve the new problem, that is, the difficulty of storage in coating enterprises. "Some products of the coating industry are inflammable, explosive, toxic and harmful dangerous goods, and there are special requirements for storage. But now, many of our member enterprises are distributed in downtown areas, and the storage conditions do not meet the requirements." To this end, Zhou Yanlong, President of the coating chamber of Commerce, has repeatedly made suggestions to relevant departments, hoping to establish a coating storage base

although this work has a long way to go, Zhang said, "as long as we serve member enterprises, we will try our best to do it." Providing considerate and appropriate services for members has always been the unchanging purpose of the paint chamber of Commerce

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