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Wen Jiabao: a further rise in oil prices will directly subsidize farmers

China Broadcasting Beijing on March 18, according to voice of China's national network, from March 17 to 18, Wen Jiabao, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Premier of the state Council, visited Henan to inspect agricultural production

this is the ninth time for Wen Jiabao to visit Henan since he became premier. Henan is a major grain Province, with grain output accounting for one tenth of the country and wheat output accounting for one quarter of the country. He went to check the wheat seedlings when he got off the plane

in the wheat field in Linying County, Luohe City, Wen Jiabao met villager LV Huanyun, her husband and eldest son, who ran for transportation, and there were four acres of land at home

Wen Jiabao: you are the only one in the family

woman: it's rented out

Wen Jiabao: rent and rent are one word. How much does he give you for renting out

woman: it's rented to this big family...

Li Xinwu, a big grain farmer who rented her land, stood next to her and immediately stood up. The premier asked him:

Wen Jiabao: how much do you give him

Li Xinwu: 800 mu

Wen Jiabao: how many mu of land do you have in scale operation<(8) Cleaning effect/p>

Li Xinwu: 500 mu, and there is also in the south

in many places, farmers work hard to farm their own land, and they still earn less than 800 yuan per mu. Large grain producers should also consider the dynamic performance and synchronization of machine movement through standardized management, which improves agricultural productivity and can obtain higher income. Li Xinwu said that he could earn 200 yuan per mu of land throughout the year after excluding all expenses such as 800 yuan per mu of rent and agricultural materials. From planting to harvesting, Li Xinwu also entrusted the land to professional cooperatives

lixinwu: I give him pesticides, seeds and fertilizers. How much do I give him per mu? He gives me from planting to harvest, and the rest is mine. This 500 mu earned 100000 yuan last year, and more this year

the land transferred by Li Xinwu's partner has reached 10000 mu

Wen Jiabao: tenthousand mu, is this all

Large Grain Growers: Yes, not in the same place

Wen Jiabao: you are not an ordinary scale, but a large scale

Large Grain Growers: the scale of circulation has increased in the past two years

at present, one fifth of the land contracted by rural households in Henan has been transferred, and the traditional household by household management mode is gradually developing towards large-scale management. This quiet change is a strong and sustainable driving force for Henan's grain output to hit new highs. A number of professional cooperatives specializing in agricultural services are active in the Central Plains

in the 160000 Mu integrated development project area in nihewa, Wuyang County, Lao Xu of the agricultural machinery cooperative is watering the wheat field. The well hasn't been powered on yet, so he can only use a diesel engine to generate electricity. He told the prime minister that more than 20 yuan of the 30 yuan per mu of land watering fee considered by ISRI was spent on diesel. We hope that the motor well can be powered on as soon as possible

Lao Xu: the oil here is too expensive. Get us some electricity. 2. Automatic saving: we can save some experimental data and conditions automatically

Wen Jiabao: I understand. The first problem this afternoon is to solve the problem of electricity. Supporting electric irrigation

Wen Jiabao asked Liu Manchang, vice governor of Henan Province, and Xie Zhenhua, deputy director of the national development and Reform Commission, who were on the inspection together

Wen Jiabao: man Cang, how many places are there in the province with such problems

Liu Manchang: the problem he reflected is a real practical problem. We know this and we are doing it now. Because this place is mainly the first step of the transformation of medium and low yield fields. In the next step, we are going to integrate the funds for electricity and strengthen the transformation of agriculture, which is also in our plan

Wen Jiabao: we, Zhenhua, deputy director of the national development and Reform Commission, take this problem back. Can this be included in the agricultural transformation, or how to solve it

Xie Zhenhua: OK

On the impact of rising oil prices on agricultural production, Wen Jiabao said:

Wen Jiabao: large-scale mechanization, one oil, one fertilizer, is very important. If the oil price rises, the state is also prepared to increase agricultural subsidies

the large-scale operation brought by land circulation is suitable for large-scale mechanical operations. The comprehensive mechanization level of farming, planting and harvesting in Henan Province is close to 72%, nearly 20 percentage points higher than the national average level

in the field, the scientific and technological personnel showed the premier the cutting-edge agricultural machinery: a remote-controlled helicopter more than one meter long was using a satellite positioning system to demonstrate how to spray pesticides efficiently and accurately according to the compiled program. Wen Jiabao proposed to pay more attention to agricultural machinery production

Wen Jiabao: agricultural mechanization was originally a good stage of development, with subsidies and large-scale production, and the conditions are available. At this time, agricultural machinery production must keep up, from design, maintenance, use to sales and price, but we often pay insufficient attention

during the discussion with grass-roots agricultural technicians in Luohe City, Wen Jiabao emphasized that large-scale and mechanization are a process that must be experienced in agricultural modernization

Wen Jiabao: agricultural modernization must go through a process, first of all, scale and mechanization. Because many young and middle-aged farmers have come to work in cities, those scattered lands must be operated on a large scale, which will drive agricultural mechanization, which is an inevitable trend

extended reading: the institution predicts that the oil price will rise again in the middle and late March.

the research institution predicts that the domestic refined oil price will rise again in the middle and late March, or exceed 400 yuan/ton. At present, the oil price has reached the highest level in history, and middlemen began to hoard goods and bet on rising prices in late February, so as to obtain high profits in this round of price adjustment

the media said that the national development and Reform Commission urgently solicited the release form of finished oil prices

recently, the news about "the expected increase in oil prices" has been a hot topic of concern from all walks of life. Some institutions revealed that the national development and Reform Commission is urgently seeking the release form of refined oil prices from PetroChina and Sinopec. According to the analysis of insiders, this emergency consultation may mean some changes in the price adjustment policy of refined oil

chairman of PetroChina: the time for oil price hike has come

since the window for domestic refined oil price hike opened on March 8, the expectation of domestic oil price hike has become increasingly strong. On the 14th, Jiang Jiemin, chairman of PetroChina, said he thought the domestic oil price "should be adjusted". According to reports, market participants expect that the oil price is likely to rise immediately after the two sessions, and many oil companies, including the two major oil companies, have begun to stop large order sales and wait for prices to rise

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