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Wenling manufacturing falls in love with "intelligent manufacturing"

a few days ago, it once again entered Leo's new plant in the eastern new area. It was only seen that the water pump assembly intelligent production line, which was still assembled at the beginning of the year, has now been officially put into use. "This production line has been operated in the old factory before. If it is a traditional production line, both sides will be full of people. Each process requires manual operation under the condition of limited resources. A production line requires at least 11 people, while an intelligent production line requires only 2 people, and sometimes even 1 person can operate." Leo group related staff said

in recent years, enterprises in Wenling, Zhejiang Province have paid more and more attention to workshop automation to reduce labor. In the first two months of this year, Wenling imported more than 40 million yuan of mechanical and electrical products from abroad, an increase of 8.77% year-on-year. The difference between thermal power in the north and hydropower in the south is particularly obvious%, of which nearly 30 million yuan belongs to mechanical equipment. Customs data showed that in two months, Wenling enterprises purchased 14.9764 million yuan of metal processing machine tools, an increase of 12.15% year-on-year; The purchase of CNC machine tools was 11.0178 million yuan, an increase of 66% year-on-year. Not only this year, the industrial investment in Wenling City reached 16.03 billion yuan last year, with a year-on-year increase of 22.1%. This trend was confirmed by the pvc/wood flour composite electron microscope, of which the investment in technological transformation reached 14.25 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 27.5%. At the end of last year, the Zhejiang Provincial Commission of economy and information technology and the Provincial Department of Finance issued a document announcing the shortlist of the 2017 "machine replacement" sub industry promotion implementation plan. The pump and motor industry in Wenling City was successfully selected, becoming the second provincial "machine replacement" pilot industry in Wenling City and the third provincial "machine replacement" pilot industry in Taizhou city after the footwear industry. This pilot will be supported by a special fund of 5million yuan from the provincial finance

from these data, we can see Wenling enterprises' favor for intelligent devices

take Leo for example. It is not only a pilot enterprise for the implementation of the "integration of industrialization and industrialization" management system of the Ministry of industry and information technology, but also included in the first batch of intelligent manufacturing demonstration plants by the Ministry of industry and information technology. Intelligent manufacturing is the biggest highlight of the new plant in the eastern new area

in addition to the self-developed intelligent water pump assembly production line, intelligent equipment can be seen everywhere in the new plant in Leo's eastern new area. For example, they have invested more than 3 million yuan in the newly purchased automatic die-casting machine, one person can be responsible for two equipment, while in the past, one die-casting machine needed three people; And Leo's rotor lean production line, with a total length of 26 meters, only needs one person to operate, while the traditional one requires at least 10 people

not long ago, it was reported that Wenling Xinlei Air Compressor Co., Ltd. was similar to Leo, and Xinlei paid equal attention to the update of equipment

as early as 2008, Xinlei cooperated with Taiwan company to develop a kind of equipment, which concentrated the original five or six processes on one equipment for operation. At present, such equipment is also widely used in Xinlei's production workshop. Xinlei also set up an automation transformation department and is now transforming the welding workshop

"half of the transformation of the welding workshop has been carried out." Fenghairong, the relevant person in charge of Xinlei's understanding of the measurement standard factors, said that the transformation of the whole workshop is expected to cost 20million yuan. After success, the workshop with 50 or 60 people only needs 6 people to operate successfully. Moreover, the original workshop can only produce more than 2000 air tanks a day. After the transformation, it can produce more than 5000 air tanks a day, and the efficiency is more than doubled

not only large enterprises, but also small and medium-sized enterprises are also actively carrying out "machine replacement"

Zhejiang Hualong Machinery Co., Ltd. is very willing to spend money on production equipment. Mo Hailiang, the person in charge, said, "we will update some of the equipment in the workshop every year. Through several technical improvements, the accuracy of the production equipment in the workshop is improving year by year, and the product quality is also improving year by year." He said that the company plans to add more than a dozen processing centers this year, and now fourorfive have been put into production

the upsurge of "machine replacement" has also driven Wenling machine tool equipment manufacturers' enthusiasm for the research and development of intelligent equipment. "Labor costs are getting higher and higher, and 'machine replacement' is becoming more and more popular in enterprises. The upsurge of purchasing new equipment and replacing old equipment has driven the hot sales of CNC machine tools. Especially after we upgraded our products, orders have increased explosively. Last year, more than 3000 units were sold. We estimate that this year's orders will increase by a large margin on the basis of last year, and should be able to sell 5000 or 6000 units." Lindejun, head of numerical control in the east of Wenling City, said, "last year, we also upgraded our products to make the equipment more intelligent and more popular in the market. Now there are many orders, and we are working overtime."

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