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Wenzhou Electric is expected to create a "world-class" advanced industry with a breakthrough of 150 billion yuan

looking back on the road, Wenzhou people dare to be the first and always stand at the forefront; Looking at the current road, the development is upward and good, and butterfly change is brewing; Overlooking the road ahead, Wenzhou has a bright future and is sure to create another brilliance

standing at a new historical node, Wenzhou is striving to write a new chapter of deepening the August 8th strategy and starting again with reform and opening up. Wenzhou Metropolis Daily launched a series of reports in all media, focusing on the construction of major platforms, major industrial development, major projects and major engineering construction in Wenzhou, watching Ouyue land glow with new vitality and vitality, sensing the pulse of Wenzhou, and showing Wenzhou's strength and confidence in high-quality development on the fast track of transformation and upgrading

in the digital workshop of AC contactors in Chint Wenzhou Park, the scene of workers guarding the assembly line can no longer be seen. From the first process assembly to the final packaging, 11 processes have been replaced by various automatic equipment. Each process has a corresponding electronic display screen, which shows the current process dynamic diagram and multiple indicators such as production capacity and qualification rate. The few workers in the workshop are no longer responsible for assembly, but for operating equipment and dealing with possible emergencies

the head of Chint's relevant business said that the production line was put into operation in 2016 and is still improving, and is gradually transitioning from a small number of people to no one. As the leader of Wenzhou Yueqing electric industry, Chint is at the forefront of the country in the field of intelligent production. This is the future development direction of Wenzhou's 100 billion level industrial cluster, and it is also an exploration sample for the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing industry

Wenzhou has become the largest low-voltage electrical industry base in China, accounting for 60% of the national market share, and has formed an industry voice, leading the formulation of 226 national and industrial standards and 1 international standard. Through continuous technological transformation, Wenzhou electrical industry is also advancing towards high-voltage electrical appliances and complete electrical equipment. Through the development of high-end, intelligent, informatization and branding of industrial clusters, Wenzhou's electrical industry is expected to become a world-class advanced electrical industry cluster

leading enterprises lead intelligent manufacturing and break through the fully automated production of low-voltage electrical appliances

since 2015, Chint has invested more than 200million yuan. It took three years to finally gnaw on the hard bone of production line automation, which is produced but has a simpler process and does not have the trouble of peculiar smell or frost spitting. Two digital workshops of miniature circuit breakers and AC contactors have been built and put into operation to realize the full process automated production of miniature circuit breakers and AC contactors. This digital workshop project is one of the 94 new model application projects announced by the Ministry of industry and information technology in 2015

at present, in the digital workshop of AC contactors, there are less than 100 workers in the whole assembly line, and only when necessary, workers will open the glass cover outside the equipment to manually intervene the equipment. The number of employees who used to complete the same production task is at least four times that of the current one. With the further optimization of each equipment unit in the later stage, the number of personnel will continue to decrease

the difficulties in developing such a set of automation equipment lie in many small links

for example, there is a process in the assembly of AC contactors. Four contacts and four springs should be installed into a small main part space respectively. In particular, the assembly of springs should not only be compressed to a suitable length, but also ensure that the springs do not pop up when the manipulator is retracted. The robot hand developed by Chint imitates human hands and achieves the current pass rate after multiple rounds of precision debugging. At the end of this process and before entering the next process, by setting up quality monitoring devices, the products that are not assembled will be automatically intercepted for rework, and the data will be synchronized to the management and control system in real time

another process is to break through the restriction of customized containers. There are many varieties and specifications of electrical products. When using small machine arms for handling, the common practice is to provide specific containers for each part to ensure the accurate grasp of the equipment. In order to use general containers and improve production efficiency, Chint engineers improved the machine arm, so that the manipulator has the function of automatic alignment, thus breaking through the restriction of using special turnover tools and greatly reducing the use cost of the equipment

in terms of intelligent manufacturing, Delixi Group is also at the forefront of the industry. In 2012, Delixi began to lay out intelligent manufacturing. Up to now, Delixi has more than 3000 sets of automatic and semi-automatic production equipment, with CNC equipment accounting for 45%. The density of industrial robots in one factory reached 80 per thousand people, the overall automation rate exceeded 50%, and the automation rate of some production lines reached 90%, which was ahead of the global level of the electrical industry. The production efficiency of this factory has also been improved. The production efficiency of automation projects has been increased by 68%, saving labor costs of about 600 people

whether in terms of product production efficiency, quality control or from the perspective of factory production environment, intelligent workshop has obvious advantages and will be the future direction of this industry. The head of Chint's relevant business said

with the help of informatization, the internal management ability of enterprises is upgraded iteratively.

informatization and industrialization are the two legs of the modernization transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry. At the same time of production equipment automation, the management mode of the older generation of enterprises in Wenzhou electrical industry is also undergoing qualitative changes through informatization, from people management enterprises to data management enterprises

in April this year, Wenzhou issued the implementation plan for the transformation and improvement of electrical machinery and equipment manufacturing industry (2018-2020) (hereinafter referred to as the implementation plan), which requires deepening the application of interconnection, big data and artificial intelligence in enterprises, and proposed the Wenzhou plan on cloud: cultivate a number of industrial cloud platforms, industrial platforms and industrial IOT infrastructure platforms, add 15000 enterprises on cloud and 10 benchmark enterprises on cloud

Chint's workshop intelligence is a typical case. On the one hand, the equipment on the production line is automated and intelligent, reducing the dependence on assembly workers. On the other hand, all workshop management is fed back to the background control and management system in real time in the form of data, so that managers can comprehensively grasp the situation of production and corresponding personnel without leaving the workshop

how much capacity each process of the product line has, what is the per capita capacity, and how to balance the progress of each process to achieve the best overall efficiency; The product qualification rate, the link where the problem occurs and how to improve can be completed through data collection and attribution analysis

in the past two years, Andry group has introduced three enterprise consulting management companies to provide new ideas. This year, it has learned from new European management models, such as factory system, to improve the delivery time of customer orders. This year, Andry also invested more than 1 million yuan to sign a strategic cooperation with mobile companies on desktop cloud. As long as the desktop cloud all-in-one machine and cloud terminal are used, the rapid delivery of cloud platform can be realized, the cost of enterprise IT operation and maintenance can be greatly reduced, and centralized storage is implemented to avoid the catastrophic loss of computer data

ZHENG Yuanbao, President of Wenzhou Electric Industry Association and chairman of the people's electric appliance board, believes that enterprise system reform is the only way for Wenzhou Yueqing electric industry in the current environment. In the new era and new ideas, only when the internal management is straightened out, can we calmly deal with the changes in the external environment. For people's electric appliance, the important content of the three-year plan includes system reform. From the perspective of internal organizational structure, incentive mechanism and management system informatization, the management will be refined and professionalized, especially in channel management. The team structure will be rebuilt for different product markets to maximize the advantages of specialization in the industry

policies lead the industry to gather and upgrade, and the total output value is expected to exceed 150billion this year.

according to the data provided by Wenzhou electrical industry association, the total output value of Wenzhou electrical industry last year was nearly 140billion yuan, of which the above designated output value was 101billion yuan, an increase of 8.7% year-on-year; The export delivery value of products in the electrical industry was about 11.2 billion yuan, an increase of 10% year-on-year. In the first three quarters of this year, the gross output value of the above designated electrical industry was about 73 billion yuan, an increase of 8.5% year-on-year. The total output value of this year is expected to exceed 150 billion yuan

the new era dream of China's electrical capital is to build a world-class industrial cluster of electrical manufacturing. In April, the implementation plan issued by our city puts forward requirements and points out the direction in innovation driven, intelligent manufacturing, brand standards, enterprise cultivation, platform construction, rectification and elimination, international cooperation and other aspects. Taking the cultivation of enterprises as an example, the implementation plan proposes that, on the one hand, we should deepen the comprehensive evaluation of enterprises, promote the improvement of the hero mechanism of per mu, promote the implementation of land, water, electricity, emission rights and other resource elements, and implement the price differentiation policy. Comprehensively renovate low, small and scattered enterprises with an average tax of less than 10000 yuan per mu to make room for the cultivation of new driving forces. On the other hand, guide enterprises to adopt the modern enterprise system, speed up the progress of enterprise listing, strive for a total of 100 new joint-stock limited companies, a total of 10 new third board listings, a total of 15 new listed enterprises, and a total of 4 billion yuan of mergers and acquisitions. Up to now, there are more than 11900 electrical enterprises in Wenzhou, including more than 630 Enterprises above Designated Size, 4 top 500 enterprises in China and 7 listed companies

with the rise of small town economy, small towns have also become the new driving force of Wenzhou's intelligent electrical industry. In August 2017, Yueqing intelligent electric town was successfully listed in the third batch of provincial characteristic towns

Yueqing intelligent electric town has a total planning area of about 3.3 square kilometers. According to the plan, Yueqing intelligent electrical town will be built into five centers, namely, the intelligent electrical Center, the deformation industry center caused by the innovative external force P of intelligent electrical, the sales and Exhibition Center of intelligent electrical, the cultural and leisure center of intelligent electrical and the economic center of intelligent electrical headquarters in the past year. At present, the town has introduced electricity. This conference will invite industry experts and scholars to deliver keynote speeches. There are 16 industrial intelligence projects with a total investment of 4.9 billion yuan

now is the spring of Wenzhou electric industry. Zheng Yuanbao said: the gathering of Yueqing electric industry on such a scale is unique in the world. We are confident to further become a world-class industrial cluster by doing a good job in supply side reform, transformation and upgrading

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