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Wensi Haihui: fully deploy the cloud field and strive to be an enabler of cloud computing

the modified plastics obtained through this kind of technology often have a great improvement in processing performance, mechanical properties, heat resistance, flame retardancy, etc. (ctiforum) May 16 news (Li Wenjie) Wensi Haihui recently announced that after completing the strategic transformation, it will comprehensively layout the cloud computing market, including public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud, It will focus on improving the cloud computing ecosystem, helping cloud computing operators and customers to comprehensively build the cloud computing value chain, and realize the on demand of cloud computing applications. Its products and services will fully cover enterprise customers and interconnected data centers

as more and more enterprise users begin to improve their business and management level through cloud computing, in Wensi Haihui's view, the complete ecosystem, open business model, a variety of cloud services, and the full value chain of cloud computing have built Wensi Haihui's industry-leading position as a cloud computing enabler

multiple cloud services: layout a complete ecosystem of cloud computing

since the transformation, Vince hiSoft has gradually realized horizontal and vertical layout in cloud computing business, and the positioning of various cloud service providers has become increasingly clear. Based on this positioning, Wensi Haihui is building a full-service value chain of cloud computing

Wu Kai, vice president of Wensi Haihui, pointed out that the so-called cloud computing full business value chain, that is, a business group integrating infrastructure, solutions and cloud services, will comprehensively layout public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud

on the public cloud, since Microsoft announced the official commercial use of azure public cloud in China, Wensi Haihui has become an important partner of Microsoft's public cloud platform azure. Based on azure, a PAAS platform, Wensi Haihui, as a comprehensive service operator, provides cloud computing services such as consulting, migration, customization and operation for large and medium-sized and group enterprises. In addition, Wensi Haihui also helped IDC operators, including Dr. Peng, quickly build cloud service portals and platforms to provide customers with more value-added services. On the private cloud, Wensi Haihui launched hscloud for enterprise customers through cooperation with intle? Cloud all-in-one machine, providing a package of cloud computing solutions. On the hybrid cloud, Wensi Haihui has unique research and development capabilities in the management of heterogeneous cloud platforms, providing enterprise users with hybrid cloud computing solutions, providing customers with cloud platform technology research and development services, and the transition from traditional applications to cloud applications

building a full-service value chain of cloud computing is inseparable from the support of partners. In the process of integrating the value chain of providing cloud services to customers, Wensi Haihui adheres to the open principle

Wu Kai said that Wensi Haihui adheres to the principle of openness, which is not only reflected in its support for openstack open source cloud platform, but also in its business model. Only by adhering to the open business model and realizing close cooperation in all links of the cloud computing industry chain can we finally provide customers with perfect services. Wensi Haihui not only focuses on the ecosystem of cloud computing in the internal components of the enterprise, but also extends this idea to the level of external partners, that is, integrating data center service providers, software and hardware suppliers, system integrators, cloud application service providers, etc., and has obtained the in-depth support of many partners in the industrial chain

advocate that cloud computing needs to be on demand

as the construction of cloud computing enters an in-depth stage, enterprises begin to treat cloud computing rationally and choose the mode and path of cloud computing rationally from their own actual needs. There are public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud and cloud computing all-in-one machine

in fact, based on the needs of security, cost and strategy, industry customers are not willing to bind all the products of an IT manufacturer to implement cloud computing. More growth enterprises have put forward the need to deploy cloud computing according to the growth stage of enterprises. It is precisely in order to cope with this trend, on the basis of open architecture, wensihaihui tries to integrate its own hscloud? The cloud computing platform cooperates with various cloud service partners in the industrial chain to realize customers' on-demand demand demand for cloud computing

for a long time, open systems have been recognized by users in various industries who hope to obtain it system improvement and business advantages through cloud computing. As the most important open source cloud platform in the market, openstack has many fans in the Chinese market, but there are still relatively few cases of large-scale adoption by enterprises. Based on openstack, Wensi Haihui took the lead in developing the openstack based cloud platform solution pactera hscloud, And has withstood the long-term operation test of customers in the public cloud and private cloud markets

hscloud, developed and designed by Wensi Haihui, is a cloud management platform that can manage heterogeneous systems. Based on absorbing the essence of many advanced cloud operating systems, the platform is used to manage various virtual computing, storage and network resources, so as to provide polypropylene pplgf20 with 20% reinforcement of long glass fiber. Due to its good rigidity, it should be a very good choice for a flexible, automatic and business oriented cloud service environment; In the process of industrial development in the world, the experimental machine is an inevitable result of the development of industrial civilization. The platform is easy to customize, and can provide user self-service portals, virtual private data centers, complete integrated monitoring and billing, workload integration and other features, so that Internet data centers, enterprise customers, including governments and parks, can provide cloud computing services on demand in a rapidly changing business environment. Other advantages of hscloud cloud platform include easy expansion to public cloud, management ability of unified heterogeneous environment, low unit computing cost, pay as you go business model and customized services on demand

in terms of cloud services, Wensi Haihui has realized the full life cycle of cloud computing for enterprise customers, from consulting, implementation, customization, operation and maintenance to management; At the solution level, it covers desktop cloud, development and testing cloud, vertical industry cloud computing solutions, etc., realizes the complete integration of end-to-end, and strives to make customers realize on-demand according to their own needs. Wu Kai pointed out that with the expansion of enterprise scale and the improvement of cloud computing application ability, high-speed growth enterprises do not rule out the deployment mode of hybrid cloud to meet business growth and it needs. Wensi Haihui's cloud computing solution can realize the overflow and comprehensive management from private cloud to public cloud, and help the rapid development of growth enterprises

in the field of cloud computing, with many implementation projects among the global top 500 customers, Wensi Haihui has accumulated very rich experience. So far, Wensi Haihui has helped many customers design, deploy and implement IAAs, PAAS and SaaS cloud computing platforms. Through the cloud computing platform, the software and hardware resources and information shared by users can be provided to service business needs on demand. In the new world of cloud computing, it technology on demand is becoming the development direction of industrial intelligence in the future

iaas business model is the clearest, cloud computing enabler

Wu Kai said that from the experience of the United States, the cornerstone and breakthrough for the pragmatic implementation of cloud computing is stable, cheap and easy-to-use IAAs services. Without stable, low-cost and large-scale IAAs services, the goal of enterprise application cloud computing to reduce operating costs will not be achieved. Hscloud based on cloud management platform developed by Wensi Haihui? As well as the corresponding various cloud services, users can obtain benefits in three aspects, get a variety of choices in the construction mode of cloud computing platform, greatly reduce the construction and operation costs of cloud computing platform, and promote and ensure the rapid and large-scale development of cloud computing platform. For example, for an enterprise with 1000 pcs, cloud computing can help it save about 60% of infrastructure construction and operation and maintenance costs every year

Vince hiSoft is based on hscloud? Public cloud solutions, private cloud solutions, desktop cloud solutions, development and testing cloud solutions, etc. are gaining 10 points in the manufacturing and utilization fields of membrane materials (or films) through open strategies, and are widely consistent in the implementation of technology and service provision in various industries, helping customers quickly launch cloud computing services to adapt to the fierce competitive environment and focus on their own business, So as to help customers achieve business goals to the greatest extent. Today, hscloud? It has proved its advantages in reliability, stability and ease of use in continuous large-scale operation

in recent years, cloud computing has become a key strategy for most enterprises and organizations. From its early days as an enabler of IT technology, cloud computing has brought more business benefits to enterprises and organizations in terms of business coverage, development speed and flexibility, and has become an enabler of competitive advantage

now, this trend has been extended to small and medium-sized enterprises. Cloud computing is becoming a necessary tool for enterprises to quickly promote innovation. Cloud computing can turn traditional companies into Internet companies, and also enable small companies to compete with large companies. For small and medium-sized enterprises, they can obtain leading IT capabilities in-house or on the cloud with only a small amount of costs and resources. The cloud demand and implementation of enterprise level applications have become the main theme of obtaining cloud computing energy

it is predicted that the growth rate of the global cloud computing market has reached 180%. China's cloud computing market is also developing rapidly. The early layout in the cloud computing field makes Wensi Haihui a pragmatic enabler of China's cloud computing

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