The hottest Wenzhou Dongjing packaging enterprise

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On March 10 and 12, the 10th to 810S' electric vehicle and Parts Exhibition hosted by Taizhou Electric Vehicle Association was held at Taizhou road and Bridge International Convention and Exhibition Center as scheduled. As the largest new electric vehicle exhibition in China so far, the exhibition will grow steadily in the next three to five years, attracting many electric vehicle and spare parts enterprises at home and abroad

as a leading enterprise in the packaging industry, Dongjing is the only packaging enterprise participating in this exhibition. The construction and display of the exhibition area has attracted much attention with its distinctive corrugated board characteristics. All kinds of cardboard creative handicrafts on site filled the audience with eyes, and the horses and electric vehicles made of corrugated cardboard as raw materials gave everyone a refreshing feeling

the most remarkable thing about the whole Dongjing exhibition area is its display of vehicle packaging scheme and parts packaging scheme. Its real R & D and design strength has attracted the attention of many well-known enterprises. The explanation of the on-site R & D personnel deepened the exhibitors' impression of Dongjing, especially the concept of CPS (overall packaging solution) was recognized and praised by the majority of enterprises, and they invited the company team to visit and exchange with their enterprises

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