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Zhanchen industrial paint escorts the coating of Shijiazhuang centralized isolation point

zhanchen industrial paint escorts the coating of Shijiazhuang centralized isolation point

January 18, 2021

in the face of the epidemic

don't panic

"Shijiazhuang, come on! Here we are!" Near the end of the year, covid-19 (covid-19) broke out in Shijiazhuang and other places in Hebei Province. All parts of the country rushed to help Shijiazhuang and other places in Hebei Province, moved by the order, and went all out to fight the epidemic. On January 6, Shijiazhuang pressed the pause button, and Shijiazhuang entered a "wartime state", implementing closed-loop control over all communities and rural areas in the city. I believe you have a definite understanding of this after reading about 1100 people in the city, and 10000 people began nucleic acid testing. The whole people fight the epidemic and unite as one. On January 8, the "fire eye" laboratory with a daily detection flux of 100000 single tubes made a rapid debut in Hebei gymnasium in only 10 hours, with a maximum daily detectable sample size of 1million

don't panic in the face of the epidemic.

it can block 99.99% of the light transmission.

on January 13, Shijiazhuang began to build a centralized anti epidemic isolation point. After the completion of the infrastructure, 3000 sets of modular integrated houses were quickly assembled in place on the hardened site

several enterprises, such as Hebei Haoshi Integrated Housing Co., Ltd., which provided special module integrated houses for the anti epidemic isolation point, have provided integrated houses for Wuhan Huoshen mountain and Leishen mountain in early 2020. This kind of house adopts light steel structure and is installed quickly. Each integrated house covers an area of about 18 square meters, with one room and one bathroom, and is equipped with bathroom and heating facilities

zhanchen industrial paint assists in the coating of container houses

zhanchen industrial paint is a paint supplier for the manufacturer of modular container houses of integrated houses. It can provide water-based epoxy zinc rich, water-based epoxy primer, water-based acrylic polyurethane finish and other environmental friendly paint products, which meet the relevant specifications of GB 30981 industrial protective coatings for the limit of harmful substances. For modular container houses with galvanized parts as the main substrate, zhanchen industrial coatings has developed a waterborne acrylic polymer 8 with multiple substrates and high adhesion Modular function of test standard: it provides the test standard setting urethane finish that users need to use to set the test standard. It has excellent aging resistance and can be directly coated on the surface with large molecular weight of light metal products such as galvanized parts and aluminum alloys, which greatly improves the construction efficiency, especially suitable for construction and installation in emergency situations. There are no mountains that cannot be crossed by Yan and Zhao people, let alone mountains that the Chinese people cannot climb. Please protect yourself and let us tide over the difficulties hand in hand. Come on, Shijiazhuang

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