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Breakthrough in drug packaging: carbon dioxide copolymer makes packaging more environmentally friendly

recently, it was learned from the Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences that the Institute gave full play to its technical and talent advantages in the research and development of carbon dioxide copolymer, and after four years of hard work on the basis of phased achievements, In the development of the industrialization of carbon dioxide copolymers and their products, a series of internationally leading innovative achievements have been made, and the project has passed the expert appraisal organized by the Department of science and technology of Jilin Province

carbon dioxide copolymer makes drug packaging more environmentally friendly

according to Mr. Liu, the relevant person in charge of the Institute, since its inception in the late 1960s, carbon dioxide copolymer has attracted much attention because of its efficient use of carbon dioxide, coupled with its good gas barrier, transparency, complete biodegradation and other advantages, it has the potential for large-scale application in medicine, food packaging and other aspects

some analysts believe that, first of all, carbon dioxide copolymers have not only opened up a new path for environmental protection, but also contributed to solving the white pollution of plastic packaging of drugs. Secondly, due to the low efficiency of the catalyst for the synthesis of carbon dioxide copolymers, the lack of waste plastic recycling plants for polymer processing, and the high cost, the problems have not been effectively solved, which has become the bottleneck of the industrialization of carbon dioxide copolymers and their products, and also the core of International competition in this field. The new breakthrough of Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry has provided technical support for the expansion of carbon dioxide copolymers in the field of pharmaceutical packaging, which will also have a great impact on product prices

it was learned from relevant parties that with the strong support of the Ministry of science and technology of the people's Republic of China, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Jilin Province, Changchun Yinghua successfully developed a rare earth ternary catalyst with China's independent intellectual property rights and can be used for industrialization at the beginning of 2004, which broke through the problems of Bulk Copolymerization and post-treatment of carbon dioxide and epoxide, and solved the technical keys of mass transfer, heat transfer, separation and so on, This will further establish China's international leading position in the research and development of drug packaging technology

It is understood that in order to accelerate the large-scale industrialization of carbon dioxide copolymer and develop carbon dioxide copolymer products with practical value. Since October, 2004, Changchun Yinghua Institute has undertaken and implemented the major project of Jilin Provincial Science and technology development plan, the promotion of the industrialization of carbon dioxide copolymers and their products. After four years of hard development, we have achieved a series of innovative achievements that are at the leading level in the world, and have made important contributions to the comprehensive utilization and development of carbon dioxide in China

developed a new rare earth catalyst for multicomponent copolymerization and a new technology to strengthen cross-linking, solved the international unsolved problem of severe cold flow in carbon dioxide copolymers above 30 ℃, and effectively improved the catalyst efficiency of carbon dioxide copolymers. According to Mr. Liu of the Institute, the innovative introduction of external crystallization to control polymer aggregation has broken through the technical problem of continuous blowing of carbon dioxide copolymers into films, and effectively improved the impact resistance of film materials. This large-area, continuous film preparation technology with China's independent intellectual property rights is the only high barrier film material with low biodegradability in the world at present, The film can be used in medicine and food packaging materials on a large scale, and the market space is worthy of the expectation of insiders

in recent years, the Institute and Jilin Jinyuan north science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. have successfully developed carbon dioxide copolymer medical dressings, established enterprise standards, and obtained the world's first production license for carbon dioxide copolymer medical disposable degradable materials. At present, the company has invested 30million yuan to establish a medical dressing production line, and the products have been exported to Mitsubishi Corporation, Teijin Corporation and other enterprises in Japan. The newly developed low-cost and high-performance series of carbon dioxide copolymer products have formed a fully biodegradable plastic industry with world influence in China

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