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Zhang Taolin: use the machine purchase subsidy policy to expand the field of development

from June 22 to 23, when investigating the work of Agricultural Mechanization in Anhui Province, Zhang Taolin, Vice Minister of the Ministry of agriculture, fully affirmed the bumper harvest of wheat production in Anhui in the year of major disasters, and asked the competent department of agricultural mechanization to continue to implement the machine purchase subsidy policy, play a good role as the main force, strive to organize summer seed work, and make a positive contribution to winning the bumper harvest of grain throughout the year

Zhang Taolin came to Huinong agricultural machinery service professional cooperative and Nongda agricultural machinery cooperative in Hanshan county. After asking about the organization form and operation of the cooperative in detail, he pointed out that agricultural machinery professional cooperative is the main body of the development of agricultural machinery socialization service system. The development of agricultural machinery professional cooperative is conducive to the development of agricultural socialization service, improving the degree of agricultural production organization, and improving the basic rural management system; It is conducive to promoting the effective processing and integration of land, capital, technology, equipment, information and other production factors, promoting the combination of agricultural machinery and agronomy, accelerating the progress of agricultural science and technology, cultivating new professional farmers, and enhancing the comprehensive agricultural production capacity; It is conducive to improving the utilization rate of machines and tools, accelerating the popularization and application of large, duplex and high-performance agricultural machinery, increasing the operating efficiency of agricultural machinery, and promoting the sound and rapid development of agricultural mechanization. All localities should vigorously cultivate agricultural machinery cooperative organizations as the main body of development, adhere to the principles of farmers' autonomy, government support, adaptation to local conditions, demonstration and guidance, and standardized development, effectively strengthen leadership, increase support, guidance, and service, and accelerate the development of agricultural machinery professional cooperatives

when Zhang Taolin learned about the implementation of machine purchase subsidies, Chen Xuehong, a big farmer of agricultural machinery, bought a tractor by herself this year and enjoyed a subsidy of 30000 yuan. In order to thank the good policy of the state, he was free to work for the lonely elderly in the village. Zhang Taolin highly praised Chen Xuehong's practice. He pointed out that the purchase subsidy policy is to make farmers benefit, enterprises benefit and the government win the hearts of the people. Agricultural machinery departments at all levels should carefully organize, although regulations, standards and customer preferences will affect the trend of material innovation, standardize procedures, operate in the sunshine, and implement the purchase subsidy policy of agricultural machinery in place

when learning that some operators of the cooperative have just returned from participating in cross regional operations from other places, Zhang Taolin said that the large-scale cross regional wheat harvest this year has basically ended, and the organization of the agricultural machinery department is strong, orderly and effective. The number of machines and tools invested, the number of locomotives participating in cross regional operations, the area of machine harvest operation, and the average machine harvest water hit a record high. At present, the "three summers" agricultural production has entered a new stage, summer planting has reached its peak, early rice harvest has begun, and spring wheat in Northeast, northwest and Inner Mongolia will be harvested successively from the beginning of July. It is hoped that the competent departments of agricultural mechanization at all levels will make persistent efforts, not afraid of hardships, continue to fight, do a good job in machine scheduling, production organization, information services, coordinate fuel supply, and do a good job in safe production, It seems that we can't see products that really use ceramics as body materials. We have led a team to develop China's first optical power and thermal analyzer, and continue to play the role of the main force, striving to win a new victory in the agricultural mechanization production of "Sanxia"

Zhang Taolin successively inspected the Agricultural Technology Extension Service Center in Gudian Township, the seedling raising base in Guiji Town, and the star lighter rice transplanting company in Fengtai County, and watched the machine rice transplanting scene. Zhang Taolin pointed out that machine transplanting is an advanced technology that saves land, labor, fertilizer, medicine and yield. The effect of cost saving and income increasing is very obvious. At present, the machine transplanting rate of rice is only 12%, and all regions should strengthen the promotion and application. Zhang Taolin stressed that the large-scale use of agricultural technology should rely on agricultural machinery as a carrier. In the process of technology promotion, we must adhere to the combination of agricultural machinery and agronomy, and the combination of improved varieties and methods; We should grasp the key points, mainly attack the weak links, make full use of the supporting plan, industrial scientific research and other project funds, strengthen scientific research and development, speed up the transformation of achievements, vigorously promote advanced and applicable agricultural mechanization technology, increase the construction of demonstration areas, and improve the scientific and technological content of agricultural production; Technicians should go deep into the grass-roots level and send advanced technology to the fields; The competent department of agricultural mechanization should further make full use of policies and measures such as machine purchase subsidies, expand the field of development, and pay attention to the extension to prenatal and post natal, animal husbandry and other aspects, so as to promote all-round development

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