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In mid March, the detailed rules for the revitalization plan of the automobile industry are expected to be published.

the "plan for the adjustment and revitalization of the automobile industry" (detailed rules) has not been officially announced yet. It was learned that the detailed rules are expected to be announced in mid March. In order to successfully implement and implement the relevant contents of the detailed rules, the government departments are formulating supporting measures for the detailed rules, which will be published successively during the year

it is pointed out that due to the participation of multiple departments in the formulation of supporting measures and the need to consider too many details, the timing of the introduction of supporting measures is different. Among them, the Ministry of finance took the lead in introducing measures to encourage new energy vehicles that are easy to degrade under high temperature and humidity; The agency affairs administration of the State Council took the lead in formulating measures for the non standardized purchase of government vehicles, the Ministry of industry and information technology took the lead in introducing merger and reorganization measures and arrangements to revise the automobile industry policy, and the CBRC took the lead in introducing relevant measures to promote automobile credit

on February 27, the leaders of the Ministry of industry and information technology, the head of the automobile industry association and the top auto group boss in China held a meeting in Beijing. At the annual "10+1" automobile conference, the top leaders of SAIC Group, GAC group, Chery Automobile and other companies did not have high requirements for system stiffness and jointly discussed supporting measures related to the detailed rules. According to the participants, the format of this meeting is similar to that of salon. The participants discussed the car market and the current economic situation, and talked about how to implement and promote measures such as cars to the countryside, government vehicle procurement, car credit, etc

Zeng Qinghong, general manager of GAC group, said: a total of 17 supporting measures will be introduced in the revitalization plan, and it is expected to be implemented in March, may, July, September and November. Zeng Qinghong did not disclose a more detailed process of supporting measures. However, it is understood that the implementation of automobile to the countryside and old car replacement in March will be followed by supporting measures on government vehicle procurement, promoting automobile credit, promoting the merger and reorganization of automobile enterprises, and encouraging the consumption of new energy vehicles

SAIC and GAC have their own suggestions on promoting the development of auto credit in China. SAIC hopes to expand the financing channels of auto finance and promote auto consumption by reducing the interest rate of auto loans. Zeng Qinghong suggested that the 40 billion yuan housing provident fund when using a small gate should be used to buy a car, and the housing provident fund can also be changed into the housing and automobile provident fund

in addition, the Ministry of industry and information technology is actively planning to revise the automobile industry development policy. On February 10, the Ministry of industry and information technology has solicited public opinions on the implementation and improvement of the "automobile industry development policy". The new "automobile industry development policy" may further promote major changes in China's automobile industry

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